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Published: 20 November 2018

Posted by: Sarah

This damn woman has destroyed my teeth life! Every single time I’m thinking if my teeth are going to fall! I definitely don’t know whether she has done a good job or a bad job but I’m definitely not feeling good! I have a feeling she is too much into money making. When I went to her clinic for a particular pain in my tooth she started finding faults in all of my teeth. She asked me to take an X-ray of the whole set which I felt was not needed and it actually took 3 damn hours for them to take an x-ray! when the x-ray was out she pointed out things about every teeth which felt like the sky is falling on me. I couldn’t understand what she was trying to say. She said about the dark shades on my teeth which I have had since when I was young she said it was due to my teeth being decayed from the root she recommended me to get root canal treatment for a whole side of my teeth. I was shocked. I said her I had no pain or sensitivity as such at all over there, she said I might not be feeling it now but the roots are badly decayed and I need to treat them. I, however didn’t go for the treatment of the other teeth and just got the treatment for the one I came for because I felt it was just waste of money. She literally butchered my mouth with her terrible skills. I just wanted to run away from there. The instruments she used were smelling terribly I just couldn’t breathe! And also more than focusing on my mouth she is constantly talking with her staff about other worldly matters. Everyone from staff is recommending to do some kind of shit to your teeth!
The equipment in her clinic looks so old and worn out wonder what she’s doing with all the money she’s earning. They also say she has done a face surgery and looks 15 years younger! Instead of putting all money on herself she should invest in her clinic to make it a better place. A friend of mine told me that the employees in her office don’t stay for more than a month and every time you visit her office you will find new employees and there are never enough staff to attend you. You will be asked to wait for hours for your appointment. It seems that she was charged for an extra bill of $18000 and was forced to pay it. Later after many arguments and record check-up they had to cancel the bill as there was no service noted down for it. They thought they would get away by robbing eighteen thousand dollars from her! She offers a complimentary oral examination in her services and I suggested my friend to go for it as he was having problems in his gums. He contacted her and she called him to the clinic for an oral consultation which she confirmed would be free of charge. When he went to the clinic he was attended by the operator who suggested x-rays but the x-ray machine was broken so the other dentist checked him up and took a 5 minute exam of his mouth and charged him 135 dollars which was supposed to be complimentary.
It’s just through advance marketing strategies and paid reviews she’s got all that goody goody image. It’s all fake and show. She is just there for money. She wanted me to get root treatments for all my damn teeth! I’m so possessive about my teeth and smile she already ruined one part of my face. And now I’m in constant fear about what she said about my other set of teeth that they all are decayed. It’s been a year and god forbid nothing has happened to them anything yet and I just nothing ever happens anything to them and even if it did I would never go to Dr Nicholas to ruin my life again. Instead of levelling up your confidence she kills it. Her tone is so depressing the way she tells about the damages like nothing will ever be right again and you end up feeling like you have the worst set of teeth in the world! Not just me my sister also went to her for check-up and somehow she got the same depressing comments from her. Just for making money you can’t make up stories to your patients and put them in such conditions. This woman for her expensive style of life can’t keep making patients do what they don’t require to do! Woman get real! You just see her face and you know nothing is real about her. She has changed the entire geography of my face and caused me severe depression with the destruction she has caused. Stay away from her if you like your mouth and want your face to be the way it is. She won’t be any help! Mark my words! You will regret it!

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