Dr. Antonio Perez-Munoz

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A report about Dr. Antonio Perez-Munoz

This report has been written according to the medical board record no. G 86746. There were different disciplinary actions taken against the doctor. The incident took place in California. Dr. Antonio Perez-Munoz is a Palm Springs ob-gyn doctor. He surrendered his medical license. This happened after the time when he was disciplined and then the police placed him on a probation period in the earlier days of this year. All this was done by the Medical Board of California. The doctor showed gross carelessness and negligence and he kept on repeating these acts of negligence. It has also been shown by the documents of the board.
The board accused this doctor in the month of January in 2013 because of some issues related to the delivery of the baby. This delivery was done at the Desert Hospital back in the year 2008. It is said by the code of business and profession in one of its accusations that some suitable action would be taken against any of the licensees who get charged with any sort of unprofessional conduct.
It has been shown by the accusation records that when the baby was born he was floppy and blue; he was not breathing as well. Later on, there were also found some noticeable defects in the brain of the baby. The spokesman of the Desert Regional Medical Center named Rich Ramhoff said that this medical center is literally dedicated in order to provide very high-quality services related to health to all the patients who come to the hospital. He said this in one of his email statements. It has also been said that Dr. Perez-Munoz was supposed to be a physician independently. He had not been a member of the staff of the hospital since the month of May (2014).
There was a patient who was pregnant; she was admitted to the hospital for inducing labor. The time was around 4:30 in the evening. It happened in February 2008. Drugs were given to the patient to carry out different operations for delivery. Initially, it was going to be a normal delivery but then there arouse different complications.
The varied concerning symptoms were shown by the patient and this happened continuously. The doctors were examining her every moment without any delay. There was definitely a need for C-section in such a situation but the doctor showed negligence and did not recommend C-section.
The doctor was not able to interpret the crucial things in such an emergency and he failed to act appropriately. He continued his negligence and did not switch to C-section delivery. He did not monitor the condition of the baby accurately. He did not place any medical electrode device for finding out about the baby that whether he had the ability to handle the labor or not.
All these actions of the doctor are of course questionable and he should be invested properly. It is about the life of human beings that is indeed very valuable.

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