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Absolutely useless and fraudulent doctor!

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Published: 06 April 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

I would like to share & update everyone about Dr Ashwani Maichand who is working as a Sr orthopedic surgeon in Dr B L Kapur hospital , Pusa Road,Delhi .He is has been charging patients in the name of world class orthopedic care .

My dad met with an accident on 9/2/2012 and I took him to the B L Kapur hospital in emergency and to our bad luck we got Dr Maichand as our consultant doctor. After the preliminary examination and X-rays he said that a PFN (Proximal Femoral Nail) surgery would be required as the tip of the femur bone was broken and there was a proximal humerus fracture ( Shoulder fracture) . He knew that the surgery would not be easy as my dad has been a diabetic & heart patient from the last 6 yrs. , still we agreed to his thoughts of getting the surgery done . On the 3rd day of my dad in the hospital , Dr maichand changed his mind(Greed for more money & extend stay in the hospital) & said 2 surgeries would be required and he will be performing both the surgeries on the same day . Just a day before of the scheduled surgery ,he sent his junior doctor to me asking me to sign the consent form where he mentioned that it is going to be a high risk surgery . I refused to sign that document saying if it is a high risk then I would like to consult other doctors before getting it done- which is our right as per IPC & Medical guidelines listed by IMA . He immediately came into the picture saying it is not right and we shouldn\’t wait too long and started blackmailing us emotionally .Despite of being unclear in my thoughts,I got the surgery done and during the surgery my dad\’s condition didn\’t allow him to carry out the second surgery& they stopped it in between and said we will do it again in next 3 days . In those 3 days my dad\’s condition deteriorated & he was taken to the ICCU and had to be there for 6 days post operation . In between those 6 days , I got a chance to consult other doctors about the shoulder fracture & they said there is no need to get it operated as after the certain age the surgery would not be effective . They also told me that the shoulder bone alignment is so dynamic that the functional movement will automatically come in 6 weeks time . When I told Dr Maichand that I wouldn’t like to get the second surgery done , he immediately responded saying he is not going to treat my dad as we have been interfering too much .I followed all his guidelines and spent too much money in the hospital & also hired attendants at home on his suggestion .I didn’t know earlier that he has a share in everything I buy by giving his reference . I don’t even want to talk about money as the mental trauma my family has gone through in the last 10 months has been way above spending the money .

I also met close to 20 patients who got their surgery done by this doctor & never got satisfactory recovery from their surgery .Its been 10 months now that I got the operation done and still my dad cannot walk . I am just trying to update and spread my experience of this doctor to the maximum possible crowd so that others avoing going to this surgeon. I will also be filing the court case against him to ensure that he is barred from practicing as a doctor. We\’ve fallen prey to his emotional tactis.

It is my sincere suggestion/advice to everyone that please never ever consult Dr Ashwani Maichand & B L Kapur hospital. It is my request that please share/spread this message as much as possible. Please feel free to email me /call me if you have been a sufferer due to Dr Maichand .

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