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Published: 27 July 2017

Posted by: Charles G. Bruno

Former gynecologist Azzam Ahmed, who was originally sentenced to 45 years in prison in 2004 received a much reduced sentence from the same judge on Tuesday. He was originally sentenced by Judge Shirley Strickland Saffold for sexually assaulting dozens of his patients. He said that he had suffered very much, and that he was a broken man now. He wanted the mercy of the community and of the judge, as well as the victims. He told the court that he felt guilty from the bottom of his heart.
The judge ordered the 65 year old jailed for 11 years, a fraction of the original sentence. He also told the court that he was a reformed man and that he put himself at the mercy of the court. An appeals court ruled that there was inadequate basis for the 45 year long sentence. It was after this that he won the right to a re-sentencing in the first place.
Assistant County Prosecutor James Gutierrez said that he wanted to bring it back to what the case was about in the beginning: the victims. He referred to Ahmed as a man who had been molesting his patients for 3 decades. Ahmed was convicted on 20 of the 53 charges he faced by a jury in 2004. This included 2 counts of rape as well.
A total of 34 women came forward with testimony when his trial was going on. They said they were sexually assaulted by him, and the dates spanned a 25 year period. One of his victims, known during the court case as ‘Jane Doe 33’, said to Fox 8 News that she was shocked, disgusted and appalled. She said she didn’t believe Ahmed was sorry and that she didn’t understand why the judge had reduced the sentence. She claims she is afraid of him and even fears for her life.
Ahmed’s legal team appealed to Saffold in May 2006 for a shorter sentence. The appeal was denied that time. According to Saffold’s current ruling, Ahmed will be released from jail in under three years, with time already served.

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