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Published: 05 December 2017

Posted by: Nico P

I am very unhappy wiTh my experience at This doctor’s office. I actually went to This office due to The great reviews I read on This website and I decided to share my experience. OTher people might have been satisfied, but I am profoundly disappointed!!! They did not care about me at all, but only cared about taking my money. I went to The office 5 monThs ago after I was recommended and read The good reviews on Yelp.com!!! I went There wiTh almost noThing, just 2 minor rotations on 2 of my front bottom teeTh and also wanted to correct an over-Jet( since I had a bad habit as a kid and sucked my Thumb until 7 y o) and instead of resolving my problems They keep creating problems like shifting my jaw to The right wiTh3 mm and it shows when I smile. One of my upfront incisive went up, The oTher incisive next to The one who went up went down after he decided to remove 2 brackets. This resulted in pain since The tooTh who went up is forcing into my socket. The tooTh went up by 4 mm. That’s huge when talking about teeTh. But The doctor is on vacation for 1 monTh and a half and There is no body to take care of emergencies so, when I lost one of The brackets(everybody knows That This is an emergency and if you don’t replace it immediately The teeTh are going to revert and all The job done before it’s in vain)… Also, instead of correcting my over-jet( upfront teeTh projection)… he has made That more visible, it’s so hard to talk and smile and my face looks weird wiTh The teeTh pooled upfront That much.The reason he pooled The teeTh upfront was to make room trying to align Them, but I have an overcrowding boTh on my maxilla and jaw – I have all 16 teeTh up and all 16 teeTh down, including The 4 wisdom teeTh and never had extractions)…So, he just kept pulling my teeTh upfront to create more room for The teeTh, boTh on my upper and lower jaw, doing so he created a bigger projection ( over-jet). So, not only he did not resolve my case which is an mild one, but he’s creating more issues in order to have more issues to resolve and probably asking me to pay more money… All he did was changing my wires and elastics, not once he closed my last brackets, never put tension on my teeTh, because my case was so mild, That I would have been done wiTh it in about 4-5 monTh… I want oTher people to be aware of This doctor and office. The doctor never explains you what he’s about to do, nor The nurse. You have to ask and you’ll probably not getting an honest response. I was promised expanders when i first went to The office since I had an overcrowding and never ever got expanders. That ‘s why he gave me That expensive bill. The hole treatment for my extremely mild condition is 3850$ wiTh no extractions, no expanders, no oTher gear, just some elastics changed and wires for time to time. He would not change my upper and bottom wire in The same visit. Once I went There and The doctor did not even came to see me… The nurse came… changed The wires like usually and Than… gave me a metal wrap on one of my front bottom brackets… The doctor came after she finished The work and said ” Oh you did That too?” Like he had no clue, cause he did not gave her any indications, unbelievable !!! Next time The nurse took The metal wrap out and The bracket pooped out of my tooTh, They had to replace it !!! Every-time I would go There I had a bad experience. Very disappointed !!! Not to say That This monTh when I went to The office to get my X Rays, They send me The bill next day. I was probability The first to receive The bill on June 20Th ( mailed in on June 18Th, one day after I visited The office)… when 2 monThs ago They did not even sent me The bill ( oTher patients complained about That) and I called in The office back Than and also emailed Them asking for The bill, They did not pick up The phone or answer my email regarding The bill. They usually send it after 25Th of The monTh and I get it by 27Th… This monTh They sent it to me on The 18Th, one day later after I was in The office to ask for my X Rays. The nurse kept asking if I wanna go see anoTher doctor !!! I guess, This proves They are only interested in The money and not in taking care of a patient. Receiving The bill This early and not getting any medial help his monTh( alThough I lost a bracket, I let The office know and They didn’t do a Thing about it since The doctor is still on The 1 monTh and a half vacation) but very quick at sending me The bill…made me seriously reconsider continuing The treatment There. Very unprofessional! All my upper teeTh went back to almost where They were when I first started The treatment… it’s hard to believe how less They care about a patient and how much They care about The money. I will try to add a link to my X-rays and some photos of my mold and teeTh.

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