Dr. Basem Shlewiet

Dr. Basem Shlewiet to do 7 – 17 years in prison

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Published: 21 August 2017

Posted by: Douglas E. Davis

Dr. Basem Shlewiet failed to convince a court panel to overturn his 7 – 17 year prison term, on Thursday. The Pennsylvania psychiatrist had molested seven female patients and was convicted.
Alice Beck Dubow, Superior Court Judge, wrote that a Bucks County Judge was perfectly right in giving Shlewiet the prison term. In her court’s denial of the proposal, she said that Shlewiet had shown an utter lack of remorse for his crimes. The 44 year old doctor was arrested in January 2014, and convicted in October by a jury. His charges were corruption of a minor, multiple counts of indecent assault and unlawful contact with a minor.
He allegedly asked a teenage patent’s mother to leave the room and then molested her, besides routinely fondling their breasts under the clothing under guise of checking their heart rates. He forcibly kissed another patient, and suggested that he and she have sex because neither of them had very active sex lives at home. These patients had come to see Shlewiet for treatment of depression, anxiety and drug addiction, in some cases. At first, Shlewiet only said that he should have had someone else in the room as he examined his patients because they had felt uncomfortable.

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