Dr. Beilan Zhou

The worst staff ever!

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Published: 24 June 2019

Posted by: Joyce

If any of you don’t want to read the whole thing, here is a summary: WORST STAFF EVER! The doctor does not really give a fuck about the patient’s opinion. She does not offer IUDs to 99% of the women. They have a horribly designed billing system which will always charge you 1.5-3 times more than the usual. Management skills are ZERO. I could not even believe that Dr Beilan Zhou is part of such an organization.

Now let me tell you about my whole experience at Dr Zhou’s clinic. First of all, the reviews that I read about Dr Zhou on the internet suggested that she was going to be the best doctor that I have ever seen in my whole life. 90% of the reviews were 5-star rated and after my own experience, I realized that all those reviews were totally fake. I would highly suggest that you do a good amount of research and ask your friends before going to a new gynaecologist. With people like Dr Zhou in the industry, we women cannot trust almost any gyno without doing research. I went to her after reading those “excellent” reviews. I had to wait an hour extra as my appointment was at 4:00 PM but the receptionist made me sit till 5:00 PM because apparently, the doctor was “running a personal errand”. Why did she even book the interview if the doctor was going to be running a personal errand of her own, that just doesn’t make sense? After waiting for an hour the doctor finally came in and she acted as nothing happened. I decided to let it go and assumed that she had a personal emergency. I went into the doctor’s room with her and she immediately called a guy and started talking to him while doing my checkup. It was extremely weird because she was staring at my vagina while probably talking to her boyfriend/husband. I was a little uncomfortable and things got even worse when she commented on my vagina, she said, “Your pussy is the longest one I have ever seen, how often do you even get an orgasm?”. It was extremely weird and I could not understand what the appropriate reply to that question would have been so I just avoided it. After the examination was done and I went to the reception to make the payments. I already used up my insurance earlier and had to pay the invoice in cash, which was really expensive for just as simple exam. I would strongly suggest you all avoid Dr Zhou at all costs, she is not worth the extra money and effort. Please just avoid her, I ended up paying double the amount I would have paid if I went to a different clinic. I understand that it was a little long review to read but I had to make sure that you get to know the reality of Dr Zhou’s reality. I hope that you learnt something helpful from this review.

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