Dr. Benjamin Friedell

The hygiene game of his office is just a disappointment.

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Published: 15 July 2019

Posted by: Cara

Hey, are you looking for a good family doctor, then please avoid Dr Benjamin N. Friedell at all costs. I would not give this guy even zero, in my opinion, he deserves a negative five. I used to go to my usual family doctor, however, he recently retired and one of my friends recommended me to go to Dr Benjamin N. Friedell’s clinic. He seemed to have a good reputation online and thus I started going to him without any second thoughts. And in simple words, he is the worst doctor I have ever seen. I went to his clinic for the last two years and I can easily state these two years were the worst years of my life. Trust me when I say that it is not an overstatement. First of all, he made me wait for HOURS! For example, if I had an appointment at 10 am then I will have to wait for the next three to four hours for my appointment. The wait was totally unreal! Sometimes I thought why I even bothered to make the appointment if he was not going to respect it. I work full time at a doctor’s office so I do understand that things can get a little tight and a delay of 30 minutes is acceptable. But man, who makes their patients wait for 3 hours, that just does not make any sense. What does he do in the office and what takes so much time! The doctors I have seen finish off appointments in less than 10-20 minutes and this guy is a total exception to my experience. Even if I try to ignore the absurd wait times, his diagnosis is so bad that it hurts. He told me that I have blood pressure issues and I should attend anger management classes. Anyone who has been waiting for the past three hours for his appointment accompanied by rude front desk people and a loud kid, will not have normal blood pressure. And if you are thinking that the wait of 3-4 hours is worth it, then you, my friend are totally wrong, because Dr Friedell only talks to you for 5-10 minutes after which he asks you to leave. He is actually just stealing from my insurance company at this point.

There is always a funny smell there which is low-key like cheese if you ask me. I am sure that the office is not cleaned properly on a regular basis. Moreover, the wating period because too painful when the receptionist starts looking at you like you are doing a crime by waiting. It is just a nightmare. If you want a NORMAL doctor’s experience then take my word for it and never come to Dr Benjamin N. Friedell’s facility. This office is the worst at best. However, if you want to suffer from depression and anxiety then this is the place to go. All jokes aside, please avoid this place

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