Dr Bernard Ong

Dr. Ong’s clinic is a sham! They are scammers!

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Published: 19 June 2019

Posted by: Richard

I used to think Dr. Bernard Ong was a reliable doctor. He might be a good doctor but his clinic is terrible. The support staff and the billing staff are depraved. They don’t know anything about how to treat their customers. the billing staff of Dr. Ong’s clinic is horrible. Those people sent me 2 invoices for the same treatment. They sent one to me and one to my insurance company. I didn’t expect such a pathetic mistake from such a reputed clinic. But I soon realized that it wasn’t a mistake but a deliberate attempt to steal money from me. My insurance company paid the invoice automatically. And I had paid the second invoice through my credit card while leaving the place. So I had paid them to double the amount I should’ve paid. But those guys didn’t even bother to inform me about this fiasco. I found out about this ordeal when I was going through my records. I found out that my insurance company had paid them already so I didn’t need to pay them by using my credit card. I wanted to get my money back so I contacted these people. At first, they acted as if they weren’t aware of the issue. But after multiple calls, they told me that they’ll look into the matter and it might take them a few days. I waited to hear from them. But I never did.

So I called them up again. And again, they gave me the same reply. I waited for a few more days and then they told me (when I called them again) that there was some technical issue with their billing software. I asked them about my reimbursement and they told me that first, they have to be certain that I was making a genuine complaint so they had to go through their records. They also told me that I should be patient with this issue and it might take them a few weeks to do this process because they don’t have time for such nonsense. The way the support rep talked to me made me realize that this place needs a lot of work. The people here are professionally incompetent. They lack basic manners and they have no idea how they should talk to the customers. I visited this clinic a few days ago and again, they told me that I should be patient with this process. It’s clear to me that I won’t get my reimbursement from these guys. They won’t pay me. They are dupers who like to scam people. they scammed me and I’m pretty sure that they have scammed a bunch of other people too. It’s sad and pathetic at the same time. I’m never going back to Dr. Ong’s clinic. Unless he gets rid of his entire staff and his filthy schemes, I’m not setting a foot there.

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