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Published: 05 December 2017

Posted by: CL5

Expect to be disgusted. I signed up for a program at the downtown Victoria location in 2018, I am still bothered by their behaviour so it should be shared with others. I had an unusual personal situation going on that I will not get into/it”s not relevant to their business. The point is: the Dr. Bernstein staff shared my personal information with strangers who inquired about me. The front end staff, the staff in the back (some are nurses) and even the GP who worked there! When I found out what they were doing, I cancelled my program. They did not deny sharing my personal information with others who asked – I was disgusted with the lack of professionalism and complete lack of privacy from all the staff at the Victoria location (on Gordon St downtown). The GP had the gaul to change the topic of our first (and only meeting) to her “agenda” which had NOTHING to do with the Bernstein program, she instead made it personal obviously sharing information that was not relevant about the services I had paid and signed up for. Disgraceful. She even at one point asked me why I didn”t just join Jenny Craig? It”s cheaper – so if I only wanted to lose a bit of weight, why not use that program instead? She then segued back to my personal information which again, had nothing to do with the program that they took money for. I am only sorry I didn”t go to Jenny Craig instead. Do NOT expect your information to be protected, and when I found out what they had been doing, I cancelled and guess what? They made sure to pro-rate what I had paid so of course it was still very profitable for them. They should have given me a 100% refund and apologized but of course did not. This behaviour from a business run by a physician. Incredibly disappointing, expensive, and Horrific abuse of my personal information.

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