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Published: 10 March 2019

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Brittany mohammed who is the owner of dr berry, ltd along with her mother subrina is involved in a job rotation scam. Dr. Berry, ltd is a mobile sales company and a mobile repair company in the island of trinidad and tobago. The scam takes place this way. Firstly an advertisement is placed in the newspapers for someone to be employed in the company in a major way. Once the individual is selected there is the hint that such an individual may have a future with the company after the individual’s probation period is finished. The individual goes through many trials from dealing with rude and obnoxious customers to dealing with rude and obnoxious fellow employees. Such an individual does this with the hope that their good future with this company is secure. However, little do they know that their time with dr berry, ltd will be temporary because the owner/s have no intention of letting the individual have a secure and stable job within the company. The employee is all part of a job rotation scam where the employee is kept on for a limited period of time and then let go and then another employee will come aboard and take their place only for a time until such a person is also let go and on and on the cycle will go. Brittany mohammed and her mother subrina are doing this because they know that a person who is a long-term employee has certain benefits to collect which the employer has to pay and so brittany and her mother subrina in an attempt to escape paying for such an expense will only rotate their employees with lying promises which makes the employee believe that if they put out their hard work that they will be there with the company for a very long time. This is a lie and this is all part of their scam and crookedness and this report has been made so as to expose brittany and her mother subrina and their evil scamming ways. It is to also be noted that abdool who is the current husband of brittany mohammed is also part of this job scam/employment racket along with the canadian-based current general manager of dr berry ltd, keron mcleish, known by his canadian accent of course. All these people have crafty smiling faces when one first meets them but behind the scenes unknown to those who meet them are corrupt and crooked scamming ways. These scamming ways are now exposed for all to see and to know about. For truly as long as there is justice they will not get away.

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