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Dont even think of going here!

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Published: 15 July 2019

Posted by: Daryl

I don’t usually write reviews like this, however, my husband said that there might be other people who are considering Dr Beth A. Orlowski and they should see the full picture before they make any commitments. The only benefit that she provides is the ability to bring your newborn within 72 hours. Also, they can be good for last minute appointments. However, other than that, this place is nothing but a nightmare come true. There are numerous flaws in this place but one that stands out the most is the behaviour of the head nurse. She is a very deceptive lady and tries to persuade children to take the hospital’s preventive meds She talks to them in the waiting room and it is really uncomfortable because she does not reach the parents first. She just goes for the kid because she knows that kids are easier to convince. It just seems so wrong. Another thing that bothers me is the waiting time. I booked an appointment for 4:30 PM and I reached the facility by 4:20 PM, but the receptionist told me that I will have to wait for half an hour before I can get my appointment as I was apparently “late”. I wasn’t late, even the clock in the room showed the time to be 4:20 PM but the front desk gal wasn’t ready to listen. Every time you visit this place, they will ask you to show your insurance card. Once my parents had to take the kids to the facility and they don’t carry the insurance card with themselves, so the annoying front desk lady did not allow them to enter or even attend their appointment. It was totally ridiculous. These guys also book the appointments for their patients without telling them. It gets really annoying when you have an afternoon appointment that you don’t even know of. They keep calling you until you pick up the phone, I received 8 missed calls from the front desk one time because I was in a meeting. Seeing the number of missed calls, I called back immediately as I was under the impression that there might be an emergency, however, they just wanted to ask me whether I will come today for my appointment or not. WHAT THE FUCK!!! I was really scared at that moment as the doctor suspected that my one of my kids had a rare disease and anyone will start to worry if they receive 8 missed calls from their kid’s clinic. And the worst thing about Dr Beth A. Orlowski is her racism. I am from Japan and my husband is from New Jersey and the first time we met Dr Orlowski she literally said, “You are an odd couple, I have never seen a Nip with an American guy before” It was extremely offending however, we decided to let that go. She acts quite differently with me and always tries to make me feel bad as a mother. I would suggest that you don’t go to Dr Beth A. Orlowski.

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