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has ruined our lives and will do the same to you too

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Published: 09 November 2018

Posted by: larry

Dr. Bharat Pithadia is a doctor in Valparaiso, the United States who has been my family doctor for a few years. He is a family doctor who claims to provide facilities like Onsite EKG, Onsite Pulmonary Test, Joint Fracture Services, Joint Injections, Skin Cancer, Inflammatory Skin Conditions and Nail Conditions. We had always trusted his advice for years and thought he is a competent doctor. My family had fallen prey to him and he used to prescribe me heavy doses highly addictive pills which had a very bad impact on my brain. He also gave me an aids test and did not disclose about the side effects. He also made my husband sign a medical form which shared our personal information. We thought he is a very caring doctor in the start, but he turned out to be an incompetent doctor. we have made a fool out of ourselves by trusting this manipulative doctor. He doesn’t care about the patient’s safety. My health didn’t matter for him and he continued writing the prescriptions. Such drug causes people to lose their rational decision making abilities. If one consumes combination of these medications then it will become highly addictive to their mind. He neglected my health issues and kept on prescribing these pills. His medical practices are also not registered and we should take necessary actions to ban him from providing medicines.


I’m trying to heal now after his evil practices which have damaged me internally leaving me depressed and is distraught. I don’t know why we trusted him and for all these years. He had been making money by providing me over medication which was very harmful to my health. I pray to god that no one suffers from such pain which I have gone through. Whenever I recall the days I listened to him when whatever he said to me during medication and following his guidance, I feel dumb and should have not done that. He has been looting our family for many years and we didn’t even know that. He is a licensed drug dealer but that doesn’t mean he has to become wealthy on other’s misery. If you have fear for your life, than avoid this evil doctor at any cost. He should also be sued and stripped from the medical license for destroying various families. Please guys, do not trust him and avoid visiting his clinic. I don’t think I’m the only one who was over medicated. I have read various cases where patients have been treated very poorly. One patient was diagnosed as being depressed so Dr Bharat Pithadia started giving him high dosage of antidepressants. He listened to his symptoms, did various blood tests, but nothing worked out. He once consulted him that the medication was not working on him so Dr. Bharat just said that he might not just be a happy person. He also sends the patients for unwanted tests which are very costly.


This doctor doesn’t even know how to read thyroid profile and I don’t know how he became doctor. He just keeps on throwing medicines to the patients without caring about their health. One patient had to pay $35,000 for treating his thyroid which could have been done in $35.00. He also started to gain weight which would have never happened if he had consulted another doctor. When my new doctor came to know about my previous medication he was in a complete shock. He also said how was I able to function with the high dose of medication which are costly as well. I also said to one of my pharmacist about Dr. Pithadia and he was also unimpressed with him. After taking medications for a few months I feel more energetic and lively. I am also able to do various other courses which I was unable to do under Dr. Pithadia’s guidance. If you people are planning to visit him then don’t. I did a mistake trusting him for years, please don’t repeat it. Make sure to do your homework before consulting a family doctor. Thank god I’m out of the hell hole and doing well under new prescriptions. Beware of this incompetent doctor and save your money. I’m so angry that my family blindly trusted him for years. We will never recommend this horrific doctor to anyone.

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