Dr. Blanca A. Duncan

I BEG YOU NOT TO GO TO Dr Blanca’s clinic.

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Published: 24 June 2019

Posted by: Edwin

All the doctors there are totally incompetent and they don’t give a fuck about you and your health, all they want is the money and attention. She is just awful. I had simple eclampsia and this bitch turned it into the HELLP syndrome. I had to get an emergency c-section when I was 32 weeks pregnant. I had major swelling just months before my delivery and the blood pressure was rising at a slow pace. During all of my visits, I told Dr Blanca that the swelling is bothering me and she should take a look at it, however, she would just ignore me or say that it is normal to happen and I should not “Make a fuss” about it. Those were her real words. After the 3rd time, she simply prescribed me compression socks. During the night of the delivery, my husband rushed to the hospital with me. After around 15 minutes of my arrival, I had a severe seizure and ended up biting out a small chunk of my tongue. I had the blood pressure in the 200 range, my kidney failed, my liver failed and my blood was not clotting. I was admitted to the Intense Care Unit for more than 6 days and was in the hospital for 9. The baby was kept in the NICU for 4 weeks. I wasn’t allowed to get out of the bed because my condition was extremely critical, I could not even see the baby. I went to see my baby 5 days after the delivery. I had developed a large hematoma which was actually formed near my c-section. I had to get a second surgery soon after my body recovered from the delivery. The sad thing is that Dr Blanca could have prevented all of this from happening if she was just honest with me and listened to me. She came to the hospital only a few times and now whenever I see her on the street or in the grocery store, she completely ignores me. I am trying my best to recover from the two major surgeries and taking care of a premature baby. My condition was so bad that The Chief of Staff came to visit me in the hospital to make sure that I wasn’t facing any problems. I really wish that I went to a different OBGYN instead of Dr Blanca. That way I could have prevented all of this from ever happening. The doctors at the hospital told me that I was showing all the symptoms and they could not understand how I was left untreated even after that. I just want to thank the doctors at the hospital who supported me and my husband during this period. And I also want all of you to STAY SAFE and make sure that your OBGYN LISTENS to you and your voice gets heard. I hope I helped, thanks!

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