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Published: 20 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Below is the last of 10 letter I have sent to Brannon Reed. He has been harrassing me for months for a debt I do not owe. “An $87 exam that is covered by my insurance” Dr Reed: You said I don’t have United Healthcare. As you can see from the letterhead of the copy of my insurance you sent me, I DO HAVE UNITED HEALTHCARE!! I called approximately 20 other “holistic”dentists, that I found on the internet, before calling your office. I asked all of them if they took my insurance at the beginning of every conversation. I explained to all of them that I had ‘dual care complete’ United Healthcare, Medicare and AHCCCS. I am a 64 year old, disabled woman living on $759 a month Social Security Disability. I have Hepatitis C, 3rd Stage Cirrhosis of the Liver and was recently diagnosed with Hepatic Carcinoma. I was very concerned about my health and hoped I could go to a dentist that would not add more toxins to my body. I also knew that I had insurance and that I could barely afford groceries each month. I made VERY sure that each one knew what insurance I had. If your receptionist misunderstood, it is not my fault. I gave you all my insurance cards, which you photo copied, at least ½ hour before I entered into the dentists room. I interviewed a total of 5 dentists BETWEEN January and June of 2014, 3 of them after seeing Dr Brannon. I gave them all the same information. I only went to see the ones who “said” they took my insurance and “yes” they did take it, but only one of those succeeding dentists submitted a claim to my insurance and they were PAID BECAUSE THEY WERE COVERED LIKE THEY SAID THEY WERE! I did not continue WITH ANY OF THEM BECAUSE THEY CHARGED TOO MUCH. I would never go to any dentist that did not take my insurance. What kind of a business would blame the patient for their mistake? I also always volunteered my insurance IDENTIFICATION number and my Insurance Company’s phone number on every initial phone call to each prospective dentist. It became routine. Why would I go to a dentist that did not take my insurance? Why would I not make very sure that they had all the information they needed before possibly wasting my time and theirs OR INCURRING A DEBT THAT I COULD NOT AFFORD? Dr Brannon’s time is not any more important than mine. I had to scheduled cab rides to and from your office. YOU WASTED MY TIME BY TELLING ME THAT YOU DID TAKE MY INSURANCE. Why would you insist that I pay for such an obvious mistake on your part?? If you want to send me to collections, go ahead. I am in the process of writing a complaint to (1) the Board of Dental Examiners. I have also sent a complaint to (2) the Attorney Generals’ Office Elder Fraud department (they don’t like it when you try to intimidate and bully older people). I am also thinking of contacting (4) Channel 5 and attaching the complaint that I sent to the others (they like to help people who have been wronged.) By the way, does Dr Brannon have a facebook page? Dr Brannon also has a Better Business Bureau of Phoenix bad mark against him. I am old and sick but I am not dead yet!! When and I get the letter from the collections agency, I will forward all my letters that I sent to you and the complaint to other agencies that I have written to them, as well as tell them that I will post another complaint on the internet with the collection agency’s name in it and explain that I will forward their correspondence to the ‘Community Legal Services”. I can’t believe that a man like Dr Brannon needs money so much that he would try to make a patient pay for a mistake that was clearly yours. Most offices, Medical and Dental, check to see if insurance is valid before seeing a patient. I gave you all the information necessary for you to check it before I made my appointment, in the days prior my scheduled appointment AND after seeing and photocopying my insurance cards. Who do you think you are bullying and threatening me with collections like this? .

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