Dr. Carleah G. East

Dr. Carleah G. East

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Published: 07 January 2021

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Ask yourself this question: Have I SMILE’d Today??? As a licensed therapist, I integrate clinical expertise with compassion, dedication, love, laughter, understanding and encouragement in order to provide enriching experiences of healing and transformation. I make sure to tailor my therapeutic approach to “YOU” as an individual, based upon your needs. I primarily use cognitive-behavioral and holistic techniques to address unhealthy feelings, emotions and behaviors by challenging faulty beliefs and practices. My goal is to give you #TherapyInColor…real conversations w/ real solutions! It’s time to SMILE again…As a native of FL I chose to serve this community. I’m a clinical psychotherapist & licensed mental health counselor w/ over 18 years’ experience in the Tampa Bay Area. My passions include mental and social issues: * Anxiety * Depression * LGBTQ * Relationships *Adolescence *Mood Disorders * Physical, Emotional and Sexual AbuseMy mission is to always provide support and honest feedback to assist individuals in solving and managing current problems, as well as identifying and challenging long-standing patterns. With sensitivity, love and compassion, I will work to help YOU discover your own inherent strengths and build new ones.

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