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Published: 11 October 2018

Posted by: maria

Carolyn Dean MD, ND is not fit to practice people. Be warned and stay away from such doctors. I say this after carefully reviewing tons of material where it is clear that in the year 1995, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (Canada) came to the conclusion that the doctor was unfit to practice. Her registration certificate was also revoked in this regard. Even after being intimated that a disciplinary hearing would take place, the doctor shifted to New York without contesting the charges. The doctor reportedly used unscientific testing methods including homeopathy, coffee enemas, colonic irrigations and rotation diets. She tried to offer generic treatments and was driven by bias towards perceived immunodeficiency issues and candidiasis for diagnosing medical issues. After the license in Ontario was revoked, the California authorities also took action and the order in 1999 put her on probation for three years but she could not practice until the SPEX (Special Purpose Examination) was taken.

People please go to such doctors only after doing your homework (in that case you would not be going at all). The present site of the doctor claims that she is a specialist in tackling digestive issues, yeast overgrowth, hormone imbalances, infections, fibromyalgia, mood swings, allergies, inflammation, anxiety and lost vitality among other issues. Over the last few years, the doctor has provided telephone and email consultations for which she has charged a whopping $200 on an hourly basis. In 2008, her notification was that she was shifting in Hawaii and in 2010, she stated that a medical spa named VitaCosta would be opened in Costa Rica. Nothing has been known ever since although several patients have reportedly been ripped off on a regular basis. If anyone has come across this doctor, it would be best to stay away, considering her previous track record.
Even an ex-distributor for the doctor’s Completement Formulas and New Capstone Inc. label has stated how potentially fraudulent practices and unethical ways of doing business were the norm. This distributor has stated how the doctor used no scientific bases for her products in most cases and how people were pushed and convinced into buying them.

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