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Hurt my kid! Hate them! Please watch out!

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Published: 04 July 2019

Posted by: Neva

One of the most important things for parents is to ensure that they choose the right dentist for their children and I learnt this the hard way. My 8 year old son never wanted to go to the dentist and I was always looking forward to getting a new dentist who would really make him comfortable. He was very shy and so I had to be careful when I introduced him to someone new. Well, we heard of this new dentist, Dr. Chelsea Mason and decided to take him. However, this turned out to be his worst appointment ever. By the time he was done, I could make out my son was really upset. Not only was he on the verge of crying, but he was also holding his cheek at an awkward angle, which made him think that it was probably hurting. I personally made sure that he brushed his teeth twice a day and also made sure he never snacked on sweets, so I did not think there was anything wrong with his teeth. The entire appointment did not go smoothly at all and I was worried that it would be hard to take him to another appointment ever again. The least I could do was ensure that the doctor was questioned and I made sure he knew that the dentist knew that my son was not okay after the appointment. However, he at least had the grace to apologize and also wanted to talk and soothe my son. I had asked my so what was actually wrong, and he said he was hurt while the doctor was examining his inner teeth. I guess I have to keep on my search for dentists who are really gentle when they are dealing with children.

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