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This clinic has a terrible payment plan. Don’t opt for it!

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Published: 01 June 2019

Posted by: Eugene

They are scammers and they steal from you through their payment plan. I had opted for their payment plan and I regret that decision to this day. They charge you heavily if you opt for their payment plan. They claim that it’s interest-free but if you miss even one payment, they add a $150 late fee to that month’s payment. Not only that, they don’t hesitate in charging you extra just because you pay are through the payment plan. My invoice was of $700 but I’ve paid them $1200 by now because of the payment plan. Don’t fall prey to their scam. The worse thing is, there is no way to get out of their payment plan except paying them the amount they deem fit. They don’t charge you interest right away. But through their late fee and sudden hidden charges, they manage to increase your invoice’s sum. My experience with these people was really terrible and I wish I hadn’t visited this clinic in the first place. My finances are completely messed up because of these people. I had visited this clinic for a simpler root canal. Who would’ve thought getting a root canal will cost me $1200 and still counting?

They had persuaded me into paying them through the payment plan. I thought it was a great choice at the time. I was really foolish enough to think they cared about my financial health. I didn’t know they were just pretending to care so they can steal more money from me. I have missed only 2 or 3 payments and that too only by a day. I paid them a day later but still, I had to pay them $150 every time as the late fee. Just yesterday, I got a call from them in which they were saying that I was taking too long to pay them their due amount which has resulted in an additional fee of $150. They just keep making up new charges and I don’t know how to get out of this trap. Don’t make the mistake of trusting Dr. Curtis and his dental clinic. Dr. Curtis and his staff had behaved very nicely when I had visited the clinic. At that time, I thought I made a great choice by visiting this clinic. But I was making a huge mistake. Now I know that this clinic is just a big sham. They are greedy thieves who manipulate you and trick you into using their payment plan. I could’ve paid them through insurance but now I don’t know why I opted for their payment plan. They had talked me into it. And it turned out to be one of my biggest financial mistakes. I just wish I had found out about these people and their scams. If I had known before, I wouldn’t have made this mistake. I hope my experience will help you in making an informed decision about this vicious place.

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