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I don’t think anyone should waste their time with her.

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Published: 11 July 2019

Posted by: Earline

I was having a severe stomach ache a few days ago, so I heard from a local friend to take an appointment with Dr. Dan which was one of my biggest mistakes. I still curse that friend for suggesting such a rude and fierce doctor. I called her employee and took an appointment at my house at 9 ‘o’ clock in the morning. I was ready and waiting for her to come, it took too long for her to find my house so she reached my house at about an hour later. She was looking exhausted so I offered her a glass of water which she refused to drink as she thought it was risky to drink water in an unknown place. Then I started telling her about the problems I was having from a few days which she did not pay much attention to because she was busy with her phone, she said “would you pardon please?” so I repeated the same thing again to her and she started looking for the exact disease which I was going through and finally after 15-20 minutes she came up with an advice that I should consult an experienced physician in order to be fit again.

I heard that she was a family doctor who takes great care of her patients but what do I find out here? She is careless about what I am going through and so I came to the conclusion that she does the treatment according to her mood and is a very moody kind of doctor.

A patient finds this very uneasy for oneself as he or she expects his or her doctor to be more communicative. Patients want their doctor to understand their disease and cure it completely. Dr. Dan failed to impress me with her behavior and her professional work too. I called Dr. Dan to fix my problems as soon as possible instead Dr. Dan just came in, sat for a while, and suggested me to go to a more experienced doctor as she was not in a mood to give any solutions on her own. I heard that she is a professional family doctor but it did not turn out to be so. It was such a disappointment from her side. I was unknown of the fact and that lead to several consequences similar to seizure, heart blockage, and mental disorders.

No matter how wonderful she is to create a great doctor experience, she is not fit to be called as a practicing doctor. Her business will encounter bad and unpleasant reviews if she has many bad reviews, she can lose 60% of her potential patients who read these negative feedbacks. While it’s true she cannot control what patients write. The only thing which can help her is how she responds to the negative reviews. Her replies should make the patients think that she is really concerned about the negative reviews.

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