Dr. Daniel Baldi

Dr. Daniel Baldi - charged in 8 deaths

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Published: 08 August 2017

Posted by: Joseph S. Hartzog

This report is written according to the Medical board record no. DO-02785. The disciplinary actions that were taken included the activity of license. The pain doctor was supposed to be charged in around eight deaths; it also included Paul Gray of Slipknot. He was involved in an involuntary manslaughter as he allegedly prescribed great amounts of painkillers that were actually narcotics. The patients to whom he prescribed these painkillers died afterward because of over-dosage.
There were total eight patients out of which one was recognized in the papers of the court as Paul Gray. Paul Gray is an internationally renowned musician and he helped in finding Slipknot, the band. People found him dead because of the overdose of a drug in the month of May in 2010, at the Urbandale hotel.
The lawyer of Dr. Daniel Baldi named Guy Cook said that there is no such sort of charges that were filed any of the Iowa physicians in these types of circumstances. The lawyer said that it was unprecedented when the unfortunate deaths were turned. He also said that it was unrivaled turning the medical results of those patients as a crime against a fair doctor. If the doctor would have been declared of he had to live in jail for sixteen years.
If convicted of all the attendant circumstances and aggravated misdemeanor counts the doctor would probably have faced up to sixteen years in the jail. Guy Cook, the lawyer said that he would continue to battle for preventing a conviction.
It was said by the national experts that the charges of serious crimes are quite unusual in these types of cases. There’s this woman Deana McGillen from Des Moines; her daughter was named Brandy Stoutenberg. She was also one of those eight patients who died because of that doctor. Deana McGillen said that all of the criminal charges that were against Dr. Baldi were literally justified. She also said that she was hoping that the doctor gets in jail for a great period of time.
The case of the doctor came to be amid and it increased the concern of the government and the people on a national level about the abuse of such types of prescription drugs and narcotics.
The doctor also helped in running a clinic located near the Iowa Lutheran Hospital. It was closed immediately by the company in the month of June without any sort of explanation. Four of the medical malpractice lawsuits have been faced by the doctor. They included three death suits that were wrongful. Some of the administrative charges were also faced by Dr. Baldi; they started from the Iowa Board of Medicine; it could be a source of suspending the medical license of the doctor.
Gray was also found dead in those patients who died because of Dr. Baldi. The whole world is familiar with his Des Moines-based metal band. He died after many years of struggle that he did for getting rid of his issues of addiction. There were some of the charging documents; they were released on Wednesday. Baldi gave some of the statements and tried to clear his side related to the death of Paul Gray.
The points that are given from the Archives are as follows:
• The co-founder of Slipknot named Paul Gray was found dead in the Urbandale hotel in the month of May in 2010
• Officially it has been said that: Paul Gray, the co-founder of Slipknot died from some accidental morphine over-dosage. This news came up in the month of June in 2010
• A dark-colored but uncovered commemoration of Paul Gray in the month of May in 2010
• The death Paul Gray shatters the spirit of Slipknot; reported in the month of May in 2010
• Slipknot’s twenty pictures were found in Des Moines in the month of January in 2009
• The State of Slipknot in August 2012
The judge entered the plea for Dr. Baldi for not being guilty. In the proceedings of the criminal court on Wednesday, Judge Odell McGhee entered on the behalf of the doctor for him to be not-guilty. After a hearing of about ten minutes, Dr. Baldi was literally handcuffed and them he led away through a deputy of the Polk County Sheriff as the wife of Baldi. The name of his wife is Deb; she wiped her tears away. Afterward, Dr. Baldi was released as he posted $16,000 bail.
The officials of Iowa Health said that Baldi was suspended from his work place earlier. Previously it was said by them that they would not comment anymore about that doctor. Almost eighteen-hundred patients who were suffering from chronic pains were served by the clinic. Lots of those patients also had struggled in finding new doctors who were willing without any problem to take on the complicated cases of the patients.

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