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Poor care provided by Dr. David H Leslie ruined my teeth

I will request everyone to kindly stop visiting Dr. David H Leslie or avoid him altogether. This dentist failed to offer the minimum care standards expected for the price that I was paying. Three crowns were recommended to be screw retained and this was completely bypassed by the doctor and he did not even warn me of the risks involved with the cement procedure. This process was implemented without seeking any approval from me or letting me know. The crowns were improperly made and were so short that they could not even meet my lower teeth suitably. He also tried to drill teeth on the opposite side to my mouth. I also stopped him thankfully before further damage could be done. He also chose to replace the crown on a tooth 30 lower and damaged the abutement completely. Even after he claimed that he had it repaired, the fourth and fifth tooths do not meet the lower tooth for properly chewing.

This irresponsible doctor has completely ruined my teeth. I have issues clicking my jaw when I am chewing and this is hindering mealtimes like never before. I also have frequent headaches. I took another appointment with a different dentist to confirm whether the crowns were screw retained and thereafter confronted this doctor who stated that he did not screw retained crowns. He did not have any response as to why I was not kept in the loop and the compensation that I would get. The entire cost for implant preparation, crowns and abutements exceeded $13, 000. Once I was cleaning at another dental clinic, cement was discovered for the gum line and this could lead to peri-implantitis, implant failure and bone loss. Just imagine how much I will have to go through now to fix the complications arising from this horrible treatment at the hands of Dr. David H Leslie. This guy only conducted procedures to scale up his income and profits without even bothering about my own health and wellbeing. I would advise everybody to firmly stay away from this joke of a dentist.

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  1. anonymous January 11, 2019

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