Dr. David Hecht

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Dr. David Hecht ruined my nose and now I can’t breathe okay

Dr. David Hecht of Scottsdale ruined my nose for life. I had surgery in June 2008, and my breathing is still compromised after all the corrective attempts I’ve taken. Part of the ear graft he used was sticking out of the skin on the right side of my nose. You can see the outline of the entire graft. I’ve spoken to many surgeons about this and they all say he shouldn’t have done this, because my skin is thin. There is now also a dip above the tip of my nose that was not there before his surgery.
He tried to fix this in his office because he didn’t want me to come back to the hospital because that would damage his reputation. I had 12 shots on my nose and his assistant had to hold me down because without anaesthesia, I was in so much pain. But once it was done, the irregularities were still there. It actually made my nose look worse. In the third attempt, he tried to needle the cartilage, and the 4th time, he created a dent about as wide as a pencil when he took out only half the graft he put in from my ear in his initial surgery. The fifth time, he gave me steroid injections to calm down the bumps.
What doctor has to try five times to get surgery right? This genuinely happened to me and I am not exaggerating the facts. This man should have referred me to someone who was actually capable of performing the surgery the right away.

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