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Published: 02 February 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I had lyposuction with dr.salvador in aug. of 2014.i told his nurse debrah that i had tried all the diets and diet programs and none of them helped me and that lyposuction was my last resort.after the procedure i looked exactly the same as when i went in.i called the next week and said i still have my big belly.i went to see dr.salvador and he said it will take nine months of dieting and exorcise for it to go down i said i was not told that in the begining if i was i would not have done this with him,people want to see results afterwards. i was starting a new job i am a hair stylest of forty seven years and wanted to look my best promoting beauty.i was so excited about having my procedure i told all of my clients and what a dissapointment for all of us i suffered alot of emberassment i am very depressed about my appearence but i have to get up every day and go to work.i bought bigger clothes to try and hid my figure.i had bought smaller sizes before the procedure in anticipation of a good outcome.i spent $4500.00 0n this procedure i have a doctor who says he can help me that this should have never happened. i would like to have it done right.i had to save my money for this and it was a big decesion for me.i would like to have my money refunded.hope you can help me. .

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