Dr. David Newman

Dr. David Newman pleads guilty to five counts of sexual abus

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Published: 21 August 2017

Posted by: Juan W. Kobayashi

Dr. David Newman, a former esteemed Mount Sinai doctor admitted that he sexually assaulted 4 female patients. This was on Friday, as part of a deal that will send him to two years of prison. The 45 year old doctor also admitted to dosing a 22 year old with Propofol and then ejaculating on her face, and groping three other women when they visited the ER. The woman he gave the sedative to woke up during the attack, on Jan 12th, 2016.
Judge Michael Obus had Newman pleading guilty to the charge. He also admitted to groping the same woman during the same visit, as part of his plea deal. The other three women were groped in the fall and summer of 2015. He said he gave the patient an unnecessary dose of Propofol and masturbated next to her when she was unable to give consent or even talk. He said compulsions twisted his brain and that he was very sorry.
He is sentenced to be jailed on Jan 23rd and his victims will give testimonies during the sentencing. He remains free on $50,000 cash bail until the sentencing.
The father of two has been fired, and Mount Sinai cooperated with the authorities, according to hospital officials. This report came on the 16th of December 2016.
23rd January 2017: The woman stood up in the courtroom, and she was dressed all in black. The doctor who had admitted to sexually abusing her and drugging her turned around in his chair to look him in the eye. One year ago, Aja Newman had gone to the emergency room at Manhattan’s Mount Sinai Hospital because of a shoulder pain, according to prosecutors. David Newman had used medication to sedate her. However, she said she could tell that she had been violated even then. She said she hasn’t been able to trust any doctors since then, and that she never will be able to. She is not related to the doctor, and this is what she said at Manhattan in the State Supreme Court. This was just before handcuffs were placed on Dr. Newman and he was led away from the courtroom.
The 46 year old doctor was sentenced to two years in prison on Monday, after he admitted to assaulting 4 different women. One of these women was Ms. Newman. They had all been his patients at Mount Sinai Hospital. He will also be under supervision for three years after his release, and will have to register as a sex offender. Last month, he pleaded guilty to one count of sexual abuse of the first degree, and 4 counts of sexual abuse of the third degree. Dr. Newman targeted young women belonging to minorities. These women were anywhere between 18 – 29 years old. He had touched their breasts in each of the cases for no medical reason whatsoever.
The doctor had been free on bail. He came to the court dressed in jeans, sneakers and a bomber jacket. He apologized to Ms. Newman and others for what he had done after he listened to her recount the trauma she had been through. He said what he had done was disgusting and awful and that he was sorry. His voice was shaky and soft. He apologized to everyone involved, as well as other patients and physicians everywhere.
Michael J. Obus, Justice, called Newman’s behavior a gross violation of his position of trust. He added that he believed that the doctor was sincere in his apology, however. Newman rose to fame in the medical field when he started advocating for reforms in emergency care. He has written about the relationships between patients and doctors, besides other issues he saw when he was working in hospitals. Some of his essays were published in The New York Times.
In January 2016, he was arrested after 2 women complained about him to authorities. After this, two more women came forward with complaint of their own. Mount Sinai suspended him after the allegations emerged. Later, they fired him. Prosecutors said that there were three separate incidents in 2015. He had touched the breasts of three women in their early 20s or younger, who had come to the pediatric area of the emergency room for treatment. One of them said that she had a headache after she had taken a pregnancy test, another had a rash on her eyebrows and the third had a cold.
Ms. Newman who was 29 at the time when to see him last January. She had already been given medication for the pain by a nurse. But the doctor still sedated her, and she was left helpless physically. Dr. Newman masturbated near her bedside and ejaculated on her face when she could not have spoken or even seen. Investigators found that the DNA found on her cheek and eye matched the doctor’s.

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