Dr. David Scharf

He is a lying retarded asshole who is falsely advertising!

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Published: 01 June 2019

Posted by: Lisa

Dr. Scharf isn’t an expert. He doesn’t know how to treat his patients. No, all he knows is how to make people believe that he’s an expert. To sum it all up, he is a con artist, a really greedy and harmful con artist. His clinic is a sham and he is using it to get more victims for his vicious schemes. You’d be better off by keeping away from Dr. Scharf and his clinic.

This guy claims to be a periodontist but in reality, he is just a scammer. He doesn’t know what he’s doing. He can’t even diagnose a gum disease properly and he claims to be an expert. He failed to diagnose the gum disease my wife had. I used to take her to this fool’s clinic because I thought it was a reliable place. Clearly, I was mistaken. I was a fool to think that this donkey-face had any brains in his skull. I still can’t believe that I fell for this guy’s scam. He is a careless, negligent and terrible professional who shouldn’t be allowed to run a clinic.

I used to take my wife to this moron’s clinic for regular checkups. I had seen a number of positive reviews for this place and I was certain it was a great choice. He was supposed to do proper checkups of my wife’s gums and mouth to see if there wasn’t any gum disease. I had taken her because she had complained about a little pain in her teeth. She must have the problem developing then, but according to Dr. Scharf, everything was okay. This guy wasn’t doing checkups properly. He was doing the checkups so carelessly that even after 4-6 months of visits, he wasn’t able to do a proper diagnosis. According to him, everything was okay. In reality, nothing was okay. My wife used to be in a lot of pain and things took a turn for the worse when one day, her gums started bleeding. I knew right away that it was some gum disease. Stupidly, I took her to this moron’s clinic who did a checkup and said that yes, she has gum disease. I was tired of this guy. He is careless, terrible and ignorant. And obviously, I didn’t trust him. I took my wife to another dentist to get a second dentist who told us that she has periodontal disease. That’s the advanced form of gum disease. She had gum disease when we had visited his clinic. But according to him, everything was fine. That bastard didn’t even perform checkups properly. My wife used to feel a lot of pain in her gums and this guy used to ignore all that. She is now getting treated for her periodontal disease at some other clinic. I won’t take her to Dr. Scharf anymore. He is a retarded and ignorant guy who lacks basic knowledge of dentistry. I wouldn’t recommend him to anyone. You shouldn’t visit this moron’s clinic too.

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