Dr. David Valentine MD

Dr. Valentine is a foolish and stupid doctor.

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Published: 23 June 2019

Posted by: Jaida

He made a wrong diagnosis when the symptoms were clearly visible. He put my life at risk! I had visited him because I was experiencing difficulty in breathing and he was my PC back then. He took a look at my condition and told me that I had a serious cold. He gave me medication for the same and told me to be a little more careful with allergens. He behaves nicely so it’s hard to believe that this guy is a moron. At that time, I couldn’t even think that this guy is a fool. He hadn’t done any tests on me or anything like that. He just told me that I had a cold by looking at me. It might not seem like much but when you’re choking randomly, it can be quite dangerous.

After visiting Dr. Valentine, I had to go to the hospital 2 days later. That’s because my condition didn’t improve and it only worsened. I was having muscle spasms and difficulty in breathing. The whole experience was a nightmare and I was afraid I might die. At that other hospital, I found out that I didn’t have any cold. I had hypocalcemia, which means I didn’t have enough calcium in my body. I was exhibiting all the symptoms of this condition. But Dr. Valentine didn’t bother to take a close look at my symptoms. He just assumed that I had a cold. I spent 3 hours at the hospital getting calcium in my blood through IV. The entire experience was terrible. It could’ve been fatal and I could’ve died. Dr. Valentine’s poor diagnosis put my life at risk. Before taking me to the hospital my family had contacted Dr. Valentine and he had told them that it was nothing but a fever. I’m grateful to my husband who didn’t listen to this guy and took me to the hospital anyway. If this guy can’t even make a proper diagnosis, then I don’t think he is a reliable choice. I believe that it’d be much better for you to avoid this guy and look for a physician someplace else. This guy put my life at risk. If I would’ve died then he would’ve been responsible too. He is careless, irresponsible and arrogant. When I contacted him later about his wrong diagnosis, he told me that he couldn’t have made this mistake. According to him, I must’ve told him only a few of my symptoms. He started yelling at me on the phone and I hung up. It’s clear to me that this guy is an idiot and a fool. My experience with him has been a nightmare and I just wish that no one has to face that. If you’re looking for a physician, please go somewhere else. Dr. Valentine is careless and pathetic. Don’t be fooled by his reviews. I made that mistake and I paid dearly. Don’t make the mistake I made. Go and see some other doctor.

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