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I would never suggest anyone go to Deborah S. Griffin for their treatment.

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Published: 18 August 2019

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We humans believe that everybody in this world deserves an appreciable smile so that he looks good and decent. My daughter was just 6 years old but it seemed that her teeth were emerging out of her gums and looking very noticeable and with time to come it would not suit her smile and she would face many kinds of difficulties. Therefore it was the right time to get braces so that all the tooth would be back in position in the time to come. I researched and enquired both online and offline and found Deborah S. Griffin, DMD, LLC to be the best for my daughter plus she was a lady doctor too and they do their work seriously and carefully.
Therefore I made an appointment online for the next day. I reached the clinic on time to know the place well. The place seemed quite well and tidy but the receptionist was very rude. Since none of the seats were vacant I requested her to give me a portable chair because I was very much tired after traveling for so long. The receptionist then ordered me to go to the storage room and fetch it myself. This was not the kind of behavior  I expected and it was so disappointing for her to keep such a rude receptionist who messes up your mood. I was then called in by the doctor but I was stopped from going inside. Being a 6-year-old girl she was not comfortable without her parents but I had to abide by the rules and regulations and make her understand that I would be waiting outside for her. She finally went in and was not in a good mood but the doctor assured me that nothing wrong would happen and she would like the doctor’s approach. I sat outside the room waiting for the treatment to be done. After sometimes I heard my daughter shouting and crying and I couldn’t stop but rushed inside. The whole scenario gave me Goosebumps. I saw the doctor was busy on her phone and at the same time she was doing the treatment. This made me very angry because my daughter was so small and any slight mistake would hurt her a lot and unfortunately the same happened.
The dentist had given a short scratch on her upper gums and too much of blood was coming out of it. He gave her an anesthetic and my daughter became unconscious my anger couldn’t be controlled now but somehow the staff member took me out of the chamber and told me to wait until the situation was in control. After about half an hour my daughter came out with a tissue in her hand and I saw several stitches on her gums. The doctor came out and told me that bracers would be fixed as soon as the wounds heal. I made her clear that I would never visit her dental clinic because she was not at all careful with her work and was busy on her phone while doing the treatment. The situation got worse when she added complications while undergoing the treatment.

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