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Stay away from this fraudulent and alcoholic doctor

Stay away from Dr. Debra Staudhammer; she put my friend through severe agony

I was scared of what happened to my friend at the hands of Dr. Debra Staudhammer. My friend met the doctor via a networking group where the doctor stated that worn teeth and overbite could be fixed. Lower and upper veneers were sold by the doctor who ground all my friend’s teeth and then put in several dentures. Veneers were then given for each tooth and the cost stood at $14, 000. The pain was too severe to bear by all means. Again my friend visited Dr. Debra Staudhammer and then she ground all teeth until the denton was exposed. The veneers also started breaking off. The gums of my friend still keep bleeding today. Already, my friend has spent more than $6, 000 on replacing dead teeth or broken veneers.

I am shocked at the severe lack of accountability in the dental industry, particularly when friends like mine fall prey to such irresponsible and unskilled doctors. My friend later found out that the doctor also had a history of alcohol and drug abuse. I would warn people to firmly stay away from such fraudulent doctors who will only end up ruining your lives.

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  1. anonymous January 8, 2019

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