Dr. Donald LaMarca

Dr. Donald LaMarca loses license after several allegations

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Published: 19 August 2017

Posted by: James A. Velasquez

Dr. Donald LaMarca had his license revoked after he acted in a dishonest, unprofessional, corrupt and negligent way with many patients and sexually abused one patient. The Bay Area specialist will be barred from practicing medicine from the 7th of April, based on a ruling by the California Medical Board earlier this month. LaMarca is the owner of Anucare Medical Group and the operator of Bay Area Vein Clinic facilities in Marin County and San Francisco. The former went out of business in 1993, and was a heavily advertised hemorrhoid treatment facility.
The board submitted a 24 page report detailing the decision for pulling his license, and it contained unusually strong language. Administrative Law Judge Michael C. Cohn said that LaMarca used his medical license to steal, as experts testified. He also said that revocation of his medical license was necessary to protect public interest. Allegations of misconduct ranged from his clinical billing practices to his competence as a doctor. There were 64 different allegations against him.
Confidential information pertaining to whether his patients carried the AIDS virus was released by LaMarca. He used improper procedures to treat ailments and made many misdiagnoses of patients’ illnesses, said the decision. He overcharged them for treatment when they came to him. He also apparently asked patients under anesthesia to assist him with their own surgeries. He billed fake fees for special procedures that he said were required according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations.
He regularly raised the price for services he did for patients AFTER he finished treating them. He would sometimes coerce patients under the effects of powerful painkillers to give him their credit cards for billing. When patients were shocked at the pumped up priced LaMarca showed them after their treatment, or if they were a little slow to pay him, he went so far as to intimidate them. He would threaten them with the idea of lawsuits and would get into a rage, besides writing them demeaning letters.
After he performed surgery on a patient, he fondled and had sex with him when he was still drugged. Later, he erased the man’s records and threatened to sue him if he talked about what he had done. He also offered to discount his medical bill.
LaMarca almost lost his license in 1992 when he was found guilty of false advertising. But he got away with five years’ probation and mandatory supervision.

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