Dr. Donna Kiesel

She is a horrible person and she ruined my teeth!

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Published: 23 May 2019

Posted by: Eddie

Don’t trust Dr. Donna Kiesel with your teeth! She is a moron who doesn’t care about the health or the well being of her patients. I had visited her clinic for getting veneers and she installed cheap-quality and harmful cases to my teeth. They damaged my teeth and I had to get them removed. I have ugly teeth. I know that for a fact and to get this issue resolved, I had visited Dr. Donna’s dental clinic to get some cosmetic procedures done. I didn’t know what kind of procedures I needed for the issue. But after my checkup, the dentist there told me that I’ll need to get porcelain veneers. They are a kind of artificial case which they stick on top of teeth to make them look better. I was kind of hoping for a permanent solution but I thought that’ll work too. Oh, I was so wrong. Ugh. These people are horrible and mentally ill. They use some really cheap cases for the veneering. You should know for context that veneers are supposed to look better than the original teeth and they should last for a considerable time, at least longer than 4 months. The veneers I got at Dr. Donna’s dental clinic didn’t even last for 4 months. They turned yellow within 3 months. They were uglier than my natural teeth. I didn’t know what to do. I asked her and she said that she’ll do the procedure again. But cosmetic procedures cost a lot and I didn’t think it’d be okay to get another set of veneers. Dr. Donna made me feel bad about myself by blaming me for the yellowing of the veneers. According to her, it was all my fault that the cases turned yellow and made my teeth look worse. I hadn’t felt worse about myself. I was already irritated because of the rubbish color of the veneers and then Dr. Donna was telling me that I wasn’t doing anything properly. My boyfriend took me to another dentist before I got another set of veneers at Donna’s clinic. And to my surprise, the other dentist told me that it was actually her fault, and not mine. Dr. Donna had used cheap quality material for my veneering. This material had damaged my teeth and if I hadn’t gotten them removed, I might have actually lost a bunch of my teeth. Imagine, what kind of depraved mentality would a person need to pull something like this off? It’s clear that I won’t be getting back to her and her terrible clinic. That place is literally F*CKED UP. It isn’t a great place to get any kind of treatment. It sucks and I would advise you to keep away from this horrible place too. Why would you go to a dentist who doesn’t even use proper stuff for treating teeth? If you’d ask me, I’d say this place should be shut down. That’d be good for all of us.

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