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This guy is a thief. He doesn’t care about his patients!

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Published: 19 June 2019

Posted by: Jacinta

I had gone to Dr. Douglas to find out the right treatment for my foot injury. I thought he’d help me out and provide me the right treatment for my injury. I went to him with my X-ray, CT scan and a bunch of other documents. I had heard a lot of praise about Dr. Douglas from one of my friends so I had high hopes for this guy. I was so wrong that I can’t explain it. He is more concerned about his time and money. He doesn’t like to chat with patients. I understand if he’s an introvert but at least listen to the patients, dude! He took a brief look at my foot’s images and told me that I was fine. When I asked him about the pain in my foot along with the little swelling, he told me that It was just a part of the healing process and that I shouldn’t bother him. I wanted to ask him another question about my injury but he told me to leave with ‘You may leave now’.

I still asked him about my injury and he gave me the same reply. According to him, I was making my injury something bigger than it was and I was doing that to get more attention. He was pretending to be a psychology expert, I presume. Anyway, that advise was trash! It didn’t work. It only made things worse for me. The swelling in my foot increased and moving around became a punishment for me. I couldn’t even let my foot touch the floor. It used to hurt like hell. By then, I had realized that Dr. Douglas had given me the wrong advice. His pathetic suggestions made my condition worse. I had a fracture in my foot for Peter’s sake. And all he told me was I should ignore it! I went to another doctor eventually and now I’m undergoing treatment for the same. Dr. Douglas had charged me heavily for that 3-minute visit as well. He charged me $400 just for seeing him at that time. He thinks he’s some kind of genius while in reality, he is a terrible professional who shouldn’t even be allowed to diagnose people. He doesn’t know how to look at images and x-rays. He just knows about boasting and nothing else. I wonder how much quackery he has done recently.

When I contacted him later on about his mistake, he denied all the blame. He told me that I was trying deliberately calling him out for a mistake he never made. It sounded so pathetic to me. I told him that it wasn’t a made-up mistake. He hung up on me and now he doesn’t pick my calls. It’s clear to me that this guy is trouble. If you’re looking for an orthopedic, then avoid this guy. He doesn’t even know the ABC of orthopedics so I’m certain he’ll mess up your treatment too.

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