Dr. Duke Fisher

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Dr. Duke Fisher arrested for exchanging prescription drugs

CALIFORNIA—A Central Coast doctor allegedly exchanged prescription drugs for cash, and was arrested for the same, authorities said.
Dr. Duke Fisher, works as a psychiatrist and has offices in Monterey and San Jose. During an undercover operation, he directly made a deal in front of an undercover officer from California Medical Board, who was playing as a patient. He was thus arrested for said the crime, last week.
The board had received multiple complaints about Fisher abusing prescriptions since a while and further exchanging them for cash.
Fisher was arrested for multiple charges which include prescribing drugs without a legit reason, selling those drugs for cash, over prescribing drugs and prescribing drugs to a known addict.
Numerous undercover operations were conducted at Fisher’s San Jose office. The state medical board officers said that he had been caught making deals with them and in front of them, every time.
The operations conducted were part of a new endeavor to get a hold on prescription drug abuse by doctors.
Cassandra Hockenson of the California Medical Board said that in this situation, the consumer is not being helped in reality but is being made a victim, and that’s not how it should be.
A sign was posted on the front door of Fisher’s Monterey office, on Wednesday, which read that the office was closed due to an emergency.
Fisher had to face three felony counts of violating state health and safety codes, and an additional count of misdemeanor.

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