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Dr. Edmund Kwan: The Specialist You Must Avoid!

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Published: 20 June 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I am a 40-year-old working mother, living in the city of New York. My husband has a travelling job, so I have to manage a work life balance alone. To add to this, I am also a chain smoker. This is an obvious reason for a lot of stress and imbalances created during the hunt for a balanced life!

Due to the stressful routine, bagginess under my eyes is increasing with every passing year. Like every other woman, I simply want to look beautiful. The bagginess gave an uneven shape to my eyes and a sad look to me face. Everyone used to ask two questions:

    • Have you not slept properly?
    • Are you not feeling well today?

This was creating a complex in me. I was going into depression and started avoiding friends and family gathering. I used to stay alone, and many a times took out anger on my children. After this I used to feel guilty and this further added to the stress level. I was suffering with sleeplessness.

I knew very well that the reason behind all this is bagginess under my eyes. Every day I used to look into the mirror and asked myself, “What am I doing to myself?”


How I Came Across This Monster

I shared this with my close friend, Wendy, who stays in my neighborhood. Wendy is my childhood friend and my well-wisher. She suggested me to consult Dr Kwan. She told me that he is a specialist in cosmetic, plastic & reconstructive surgery in New York. He has more than 25 years of experience.

Wendy had never taken any treatment from him. She had heard about Dr Kwan from her relative who had undergone a stretch mark surgery from him. May be, that surgery went well, so her relative had given a good feedback about the doctor. She also added that the doctor is very good and does a lot of eyelid surgeries. He specializes in Asian Eyelids.

I have a tendency to trust people easily. I am not very savvy, so did not even try to search for a review about the Doctor. Idea of comparing Dr Kwan with other nearby Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialists didn’t strike my head.

I simply followed my Wendy’s advice and the very next day, I was at Dr Kwan’s clinic!

The ambiance was good with attractive furniture, professional staff, costly machines, etc. However, after surgery, I realized that this is not what makes a good surgeon!


My Horrible Treatment

Before the surgery, I filled a form with below questions:

    • Mention month-year when you first notice the puffiness under the eye
    • Are the symptoms occasional or continuous?
    • How would you feel if anything improves your symptoms?
    • How would you feel if anything worsens your symptoms?
    • Insurance Cover
    • My personal details
    • Any Medical History, etc


I finally met Dr Kwan after a wait time of one hour. He asked few questions about my routine and did some basic tests. Then he recommended that I should go for an immediate surgery for the bagginess, as it was leading to depression and under confidence.

Dr Kwan defined eyelid surgery as Blepharoplasty (BLEF-uh-roe-plas-tee). It is a removal of excess fat through an incision inside the lower lid or the natural crease of the upper eyelid. The surgeon then rejoins the skin and in three days dissolves the tiny stitches.

He explained that it’s not a very difficult procedure and relieves the patient in few days. There will be some swelling for around a week, during which the patient wears sunglasses. After this, he assured me that my eyes will look beautiful.


Dr Kwan was very confident when he explained the procedure. 

So as always, I trusted the doctor!

I had never thought that such simple explanation and easy appearing surgery will leave me with a lifelong damage. It proved to be a nightmare for me and my family!

A responsible surgeon should explain the side effects of any surgery. He explained me the method of surgery and clarified that the procedure is easy, but didn’t tell me about the side effects of the surgery.

Here are some common side effects, which I later came to know and experienced some, myself:

    • Infection and bleeding
    • Noticeable scarring
    • Difficulty closing your eyes
    • Other eyelid problems
    • Skin discoloration
    • Injury to eye muscles
    • Dry, irritated eyes
    • Might need a follow-up surgery
    • Blurred vision (Temporarily)
    • Loss of eyesight (Rarely)

Ignorant of all these side effects, I took a day’s time from him and left for my home.

I asked Dr Kwan, “How many of eyelid surgeries have you performed before?”

He answered arrogantly, “I don’t count my surgeries. You better ask my receptionist.”

I found this response very rude and unprofessional. I also wanted to see some before and after pictures of the surgeries done by Dr Kwan. But afraid of reply, I resisted from asking another question.

After gathering some courage, I asked him a last question before leaving, “What results can I realistically expect following surgery?”

His reply was again rude and unprofessional, “You may consult my patients rather than asking this to me. Now please can I meet other patients who are waiting outside?”


The Consequences I Faced 

I left the clinic, but while heading towards my home, I was little disturbed with the way the doctor warned me of delay. His tone was rude when he explained to me that how dangerous it was for me if I delay the surgery. He was arrogant, but since I was under influence of ambience and my friend’s feedback, it didn’t affect me much.

My husband was out-of-town for an official trip. I called him on is mobile to tell him that I have decided to undergo a surgery to remove bagginess under my eyes. My husband advised me to wait till he is back. He suggested me to take healthy food, lot of rest and avoid surgery.

I argued with my husband and disconnected the call on a note that he no more cares about me. In fact, I switched off my phone, as I felt that he might convince me to avoid the surgery. He kept trying my number and sent me messages with online reviews about the doctor.

Unfortunately, I saw all this after the damage was already done!

The day before the surgery, I went home, left my kids at my mother’s place and got ready for the surgery lined up on the next day. When my mother asked me, why I have not informed my husband, I told her to keep it to her. But the next morning, she called up my husband and informed him about the surgery.

Normally a doctors must suggest to refrain from fluid intake are eating after midnight before the surgery. But Dr Kwan did not ask me to take care of this important preparedness.

On the day of the surgery, I called up Wendy to come with me to the Clinic. I took her along as I needed her after the surgery to bring me back home. She carried some clean clothes and ice packs for cold compresses following surgery.


We quickly purchased below things from a market which was on the way:

    • sunglasses to protect the eyes

    • an eye prescriptions Dr Kwan had advised to use following surgery


We reached there at 9 am and the doctor medicated me with some eye drops and oral medicines. Wendy did all document formalities for my. The total cost of surgery was $5000 including medication, anesthesia, and operating room facility costs.

At 10 am Dr Kwan started the surgery. It was not a very long procedure and I felt no pain during the process as I was sedated. When I came in my conscience, my eyes were swollen. I knew it was normal as suggested by Dr Kwan.

By then, my husband had returned from his official trip, as he was worried since I was not picking the call. He called Wendy and reached the Clinic, came inside the private ward where I was shifted after the surgery.


He told me about his messages he sent after I switched off my mobile and seemed really worried about me. This was after a long time that I felt, he really cares for me and I was wrong in understanding him!

Within 3 days, they dissolved my stitches and I went back to my home. As suggested by Dr Kwan, I wore sunglasses. I had no choice other than trusting the surgeon. I did exactly as he recommended to me. But the swelling was not reducing.

The surgery was of no use. It simply filled the pockets of the doctor. My eyes still have bagginess. There is occasional pain in the eyes and due to dryness I always feel stress in my eyes. This was bearable, but what made me worried was, few days ago, I had bleeding from my eye. It seems that some eye muscle is damaged.


Worried of the bleeding, I and my husband fixed up a meeting with Dr Kwan. When we reached there, they made us wait for 3 hours.  They permitted all the patients who had come after us to meet the surgeon, but asked us to keep waiting.

When we pushed for a meeting, his staff misbehaved with us. They did not listen to my concern. I showed them the swelling and the dryness in my eyes. There were deep scars under my eyes. The assistant said wait for 2-3 months and then come back again.

We tried a lot to meet with the doctor, but he didn’t meet. By 5 pm, the staff told us that Dr Kwan has left for home. He did a great damage, not only to my eyes, but to my trust on Medical profession.

I have left my job and sitting at home now as it’s stressful to work for long hours on the computer screen. I am not sure when all this will be fine and I will be able to join back and start my work.

My eyes looked better before the surgery. I have to wear sunglasses sometimes even indoor. If I had listened to my husband’s advice, and rather than going for a surgery had focused on changing my lifestyle, things would have been different. Now I am afraid to go for any other treatment from another surgeon.

Now I cannot do much to my eyes. However, I keep recommending people to stay away from this surgeon. Never take a decision without doing a proper research. Many online review websites are updated with highly critical feedback about Dr Kwan.

There are many rating websites also, where poor rating updated about Dr Kwan. One can find complaints about him everywhere.

I also keep adding my reviews wherever possible, so that I can at least save people from doing harm to them.

Try below tips for avoiding this risky procedure with your eye:

    • Stop Smoking: Smoking increases the bagginess under your eyes.
    • Get enough sleep: Take at least seven to nine hours of deep sleep.
    • Sleep with the head slightly raised: The fluid will not accumulate around the eye and dark circles in lower eyelids will go away.


Some Important Takeaways:

This Doctor just works for money and lacks the ability. He is rude, arrogant and has a very bad temper. There are many experienced plastic surgeons in New York. Do your research well and go for the best surgeon. I am traumatized, scarred and I strongly recommend others to stay away from this surgeon.

With the ambience and his talks, he tries to show that he is highly skilled plastic surgeon. But actually he lacks experience and unskilled surgeon. When I later read the reviews, I realized that he has done similar blunders with other eyelid surgery patients.

The one and only aim of his life is to earn money. He cheats upon his patients and spoils their lives. He shows a different face when you book first appointment and a completely different face after he has done a blunder.

The staff will collect all details from you, about the health insurance cover, paying capacity, etc. As soon as the surgeon knows that you have a handsome health insurance cover and you can fill his pocket well, he will push you to get the surgery done at the earliest. He will frighten you with all potential risks if you will resist going for a surgery.

Being a doctor, he could have suggested me to improve my lifestyle and avoid surgery. But he insisted on surgery and left me with no option now. I am not sure, for how long I have to sit jobless. He has not just harmed me, but harmed my entire family.

With this incident, I realized the true meaning of trust. I never trusted my own conscience and my husband’s advice. I trusted a word of mouth with no research and a Doctor without taking a second opinion.

We should trust our friends as they are well wishers. However, always look for online available information as well as information available through other sources, to support your decision-making.

All digitally available complaints about Dr Kwan are real. 




I keep on advising people to do their researches well before plunging their hard-earned money on this so call plastic surgeon. This surgeon knows nothing and disfigured people in the name of plastic surgeries.



He calls himself a specialist in Asian Eyelid Surgery. He will give all sorts of reasons, to convince you to go for a surgery. There is no obligation on anyone to undergo the procedure when there is less confidence in the surgeon. But this surgeon creates an environment of fear, due to which the patient takes a decision in hurry.

Eyelid surgery looks an easy way to get rid of bagginess and dark circles. But what nature has gifted us is precious. Now after being a victim of this risky procedure by an inefficient doctor, I keep recommending people to think and research before planning any surgery.

It’s always better to do an online search and review/rating search on various websites before deciding to go for a surgery. One should consult with several surgeons before deciding the best one for the eyelid surgery. Dr Kwan will give all sort of frightening reasons to not give you a mind space to think about this approach.

Do not get into trap of such doctors who have moved from medical treatment as a profession to medical treatment as business. They consider human being as a commodity. They will not feel any sensitivity even if your life is at risk.

Last and most important is, Dr Edmund Kwan is a pathetic surgeon, arrogant, rude and unprofessional person. One should not keep him in consideration list when planning an eyelid surgery.


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