Dr. Eileen Bastian MD

responsible for the attempted suicide of a young woman

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Published: 11 October 2018

Posted by: gregory

Dr. Eileen Bastian totally messed up a young woman’s life?

Dr. Eileen Bastian has been at the heart of a controversy where she was reportedly responsible for the attempted suicide of an unhappy young woman due to her negligence. There was a growing clamour amongst several affected people against Dr. Eileen Bastian on grounds of sheer irresponsibility, medical negligence and lack of professional ethics. Many have stated how she’s out there only to make money at the cost of her patients suffering from damages. In case of this young woman, the doctor allegedly ended up impacting the skin’s third layer with her shoddy work which includes the face nerves and muscles, leading to a multitude of scars and other issues.

The doctor also lied as per reports, about her dangerous and harmful practices being totally safe. She did not have any knowledge about her subject and lack of skills which led to such damages being caused in the first place, as alleged by many. She unnecessarily treated many added areas, causing damage to the patient due to her greed for money as it has been alleged. The victim stopped working and also became depressed emotionally. She started taking anti-anxiety and other medications. Eventually, shocked by the lies and the severity of what was done to her, the victim tried to commit suicide, although thankfully, she was saved in the nick of time as it has been reported. Other doctors reportedly told the victim that Dr. Eileen Bastian did not seem to be a qualified doctor who had a degree. The woman went through a huge amount of pain and her family suffered too.

This person states that Dr. Eileen Bastian deserves to be boycotted for being irresponsible and grossly negligent. This complaint also reveals how the doctor is greedy without caring for patients and how she has damaged the good health of several people in her quest to get money including the victim’s own condition. If these horror stories do turn out to be true, people should act at the earliest and stop risking their health with this doctor.



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