Dr. Eliezer Monge

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Dr. Eliezer Monge arrested after inappropriate behavior

Dr. Eliezer Monge was arrested for having inappropriate contact with a female patient. According to Farmington police, the patient was a teenager.
Monge has an office in downtown Farmington, and the 18 year old victim is also from Farmington. He was charged with battery and assault after he touched the patient in his exam room. He asked her to lie on her back on the table, and then proceeded to touch her in inappropriate ways that made her uncomfortable, said the police.
The victim also reported to the police that Monge tried to kiss her on the lips after he tried to help her off the table. But because she turned away, the kiss on the mouth was avoided. Instead, he kissed her open mouthed on the side of her neck.
Monge denied the allegations when the investigation was going on, but the Michigan State Police crime lab found evidence. DNA samples taken from the victim’s neck matched Monge’s own DNA. He now has to pay a $2,500 personal bond. On Friday, he was arraigned on the misdemeanor charge.

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