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Being a victim, I would strictly advise against going to Ellen M Pacleb.

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Published: 22 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I have always been health conscious. It is not something I have ever been lenient about. Recently, I had a really bad toothache. The pain was so intense that I could not sleep or even eat properly. I decided to get it checked as soon as possible. I researched for an hour and the name of Dr Ellen M Pacleb popped up. I decided to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. I scheduled an appointment for 3 P.M. Given my condition, I went to the clinic as early as I could not have afforded to miss my appointment. I waited for an extra 15 minutes as the doctor came in a bit late.
I did not wait for the doctor to ask me about my problem. Instead of waiting, I told her every detail about my problem. She told me to repeat the whole thing. After listening to me, she checked my teeth. She immediately told me that there is a cavity and it needs filling as soon as possible to avoid infection. I agreed and scheduled an appointment for the very next day to undergo the filling procedure. For the unbearable pain, she prescribed me some medicines. However, the painkillers were not as effective as they should have been.
The next day, I went to her clinic for half an hour early. She came after an hour. It seemed as if she had forgotten about me and my teeth that needed to be filled as soon as possible. Even after coming late, she took her time to get settled in. She did not ask me about the dental filling I would prefer. Neither did she care enough to inquire whether I was allergic to some materials or not. She went ahead and told me that she would be using a glass monomer filling. When I asked if she was sure about it, she gave me a cold look and replied rather rudely by saying that she is the doctor. I chose not to argue with her and kept my calm.
She used Anesthesia to numb the areas surrounding the affected tooth. Although Anesthesia was supposed to be strong, I could feel that it was not working as effectively as it should have. Then came the drilling. Because of the weak anesthesia, I could feel the drill piercing through my tooth. The doctor drilled way to deep than she should have. I cannot even describe the pain that I felt then. The doctor started sweating nervously. After sometime when the bleeding stopped, the doctor started reshaping my teeth for putting the filling in. When it was time to finally fill up the drilled place with glass monomer filling, the doctor realized that she had reshaped my tooth incorrectly. It took her almost forty minutes to partially rectify her mistake. After filling in my teeth, the doctor showed some light to harden the upper layer.
After the process was finished, I looked at my tooth and realized that it was not perfectly shaped and placed at all. Along with the pain, I had to see my tooth be crooked.
I would recommend everyone not to go to Ellen M Pacleb for even a simple procedure.

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