Dr. Elpidio Antonio Abreu

Dr. Elpidio Antonio Abreu – arrested for groping a patient

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Published: 05 August 2017

Posted by: Mary S. Stevens

Dr. Elpidio Antonio Abreu is an Ocoee doctor and he was arrested for groping patient. He is basically an orange county doctor and he is accused of touching an aged woman in an inappropriate way. He should have taken care while doing any such activity. The investigation continued for nine months and the people who investigated this case were patient to wait for a long time. They were deliberate even to test the DNA of the clothing of the accuser.
It was also found that Dr. Elpidio Abreu also had privileges for working inside one of the major areas of the hospital (at least one). It has been said by the investors that this alleged molestation started as he kissed the woman on her mouth. This happened in the month of May in 2014. At that time the doctor was there at the Nephrology Associates of Central Florida office on Boren Drive in Ocoee.
The woman who was the victim could only say that she was scared and afraid, embarrassed as well as stunned. The doctor literally took an advantage of that woman at his office as he groped her and touched her in an inappropriate way. She also told that at that time the doctor was not supposed to examine her physically and there was no need for touching her. He just had to read the functioning levels of her kidney from the computer screen. The clothes of the woman were checked by the investigators and they took the samples from Dr. Elpidio Antonio Abreu as well.
When the report came up, there was a partial foreign profile of DNA; it was found on the clothing of that woman that included her underwear as well. The doctor was fifty-five years old and he made himself get arrested at this age for molesting an aged woman. A report came up from the Florida Department of Health, according to which the doctor was serving there at the Florida Hospital and Orlando Health. But the people from Florida Hospital reported that they did not have the ability for checking the status of his employment.
The following statement was released by a spokesperson that was related to Dr. Elpidio Antonio Abreu:
After the investigation gets concluded, all the appropriate actions would be taken against him.
The bond of Dr. Elpidio Antonio Abreu was set at a price of $25,000. The doctor bonded out of prison on Friday.
The age of the woman who is the victim, in this case, was seventy-seven years. She just went to the doctor so that he could examine her; all this ended up as the doctor kissed and molested her.
This woman gave her statement to the Channel 9’s Jeff Deal: she is still traumatized what the things that happened to the lady last year.
After the proper investigation of the case, the doctor was punished for what he had done. But currently, he is still practicing as a doctor.

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