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Fake Physicist! Ripping off money through his ordinary books

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Published: 21 November 2018

Posted by: Jackson

Recently, my sister ordered a book called The Secret behind The Secret saying that it has been written by a famous scientist named Dr. Eric Amidi who has written research papers on quantum physics and is known to be earning quite a name around. Having heard all that, I felt the urge to read the book myself as the book had an intriguing title and I was quite lured into reading it. So, I myself took some time from my busy schedule and finished the entire book in one day. And the Only word I have to justify the book is CRAP. Stay away from such scammers and take care before spending money on books. It is better to read reviews before buying any book.

The book has no proper definition for anything and is a total mess. It does not teach the reader anything about quantum physics in detail and is more of a story type book that has moral in each line. If you get a chance to read the book, you will rather laugh seeing such phrases being used constantly that take the reader’s attention off-guard and the reader is bored with the repetitive content. I feel the book was written as a mother’s teaching to preaching everyone about the aspects of advanced physics using words such as “control your thoughts and words, you are responsible for how you feel, control your body and breathing” and “You should get so good at relaxation that you can get the logical mind out of the way.” I mean seriously? Is this book about some philosophical mystery being unraveled by controlling our emotions and all?
You will literally not find any clue on what chapter you are and when you end the book, you would ask yourself, “Why was I even reading it?” It is really a time-eater and so I request you to not waste your valuable time reading such Philosophical piece of junk that is written just to entertain the readers with his void thoughts, making them think and doubt their own abilities. I think the physicist wrote it when he was fully relaxing and then thought, “Why not earn some cash by selling its copies further” I mean there is nothing in the book and the scientist has just fooled us with the things we already know and ripped off huge money from us. This is sheer injustice and as a consumer, I will not stay quiet at such nuisance, I will speak up and not let anyone just take cash from me in order to make some profit. My raising voice will also take down the other people who are already making money this way.

I have already sent a personal mail to this scientist three days back asking for a refund as the book is merely an articulation of his thought process and no one would like to read such things. It will also be helpful for those people who are already disappointed reading this book and getting literally nothing out of it. I have read a similar comment who mentioned all the phrases that guy used in his book. This review actually gave me the motivation to write against such exploitation openly.

No one has any right to take out cash from us without even providing the best service. I had never thought that such people also exist in the world that is after people’s hard-earned money and extort them this way. This is bullshit and I won’t let anyone do this to my sister or myself. I hope that scientist too understands it and provides an immediate refund for the book and sure we can post the book back to his address. We are in no favor of keeping it with us and want to get rid of it as soon as possible.

If they could take it back online, we would have returned it that very time but they are not taking it, making it difficult for us to sell it further. This is the only reason why I took time to write about such things happening around us where the people who we consider are the good guys working to save our planet through their revolutionary research are also in the business of sucking in money from people just for their selfish interest. Stay away from such scammers and take care before spending money on books. It is better to read reviews before buying any book. But yes, I understand there is seriously no way to differentiate the real reviews with the fake ones. But mind you! such people will get their punishment one day if not now. I wish he returns our money like a good person and we don’t have to sue him for selling us a book that had nothing except some motherly wise talks in place of real facts.

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