Dr. Eric R. Claussen, DMD

He is a big scammer, a liar, and a cheat

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Published: 30 May 2019

Posted by: Peggy

Dr. Eric Claussen extracted the wrong tooth and then tried to cover it up by saying it was damaged as well. He thought I’m a fool of some sort. I know when teeth are needed to extract and he tried to cover up his mistake by saying that he extracted the wrong tooth on purpose. I didn’t know dentists can do such mishaps but Dr. Eric has changed my mind. Now I have a first-hand experience of what it’s like to get treatment from an unprofessional, illiterate, careless and negligent doctor. His website is filled with patient testimonials so they made me think that he was a reliable and credible doctor. I’m sure that I was wrong. This guy extracted the tooth next to the infected one and didn’t even accept his mistake. According to him, he was planning on doing that all along. But even if he had planned it before, it was still wrong. That’s because I had only agreed to get one tooth extracted. I had visited his clinic after I had faced a really strong toothache. He checked my teeth and told me right away that I needed to get a tooth extracted. He showed me a picture and I knew which tooth he was going to extract through the procedure. I didn’t have any problem with that guy. I thought he was great and that he was really professional. I didn’t know that he is a terrible dentist who doesn’t know the basics of tooth extraction. That guy is either too retarded or too careless. In both cases, he’s a terrible professional to get a treatment from. Anyhow, I visited the clinic and got the tooth extracted. But instead of extracting that tooth alone, he extracted the adjacent one as well. He tried to justify his action later on as I mentioned earlier but it was just an illogical mistake. At that time I was seriously mad at him. I didn’t know why he did that until they presented me with an invoice. That bastard was charging me for 2 extractions!!! I asked him what the hell? He told me that he had extracted two teeth from my mouth so he was charging me for the same. So not only did he extract a healthy tooth from my mouth without my consent but he was also charging me for his mistake. This guy is not only out of his mind but he is also a scammer. I objected to the invoice because in my eyes he had done a big dental mistake and he was trying to cover it up. But he told me that he did what was right and if I refused to pay then he’d report me to officials. He is arrogant and foolish. He doesn’t know anything about his profession and if he makes a mistake he doesn’t accept it. Don’t visit his clinic if you care about your teeth and your dental health.

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