Dr. Ernest L. Sink MD

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Dr. Ernest Sink is a MONSTER!!

He performed three hip arthroscopies on me when it was clear that I needed hip replacement surgery. He wanted to get the most money out of me. While I believe that the first surgery was essential, I don’t the same about the other two. He did unnecessary procedures on me so that he can extract the most money out of me. He is a criminal and a heartless person. He doesn’t treat patients. He just looks at them at ATM machines. Going through 3 surgeries in a span of 15 months is a really traumatic experience. I got hip arthritis and this guy didn’t tell me that. I had to go and see another doctor to find out the truth behind this crook’s misdiagnosis. I have suffered so much because of this guy that it’s almost unbearable. I even began to question my life and went into depression. When you’re constantly undergoing treatment for something you know nothing about except that ‘it’s serious’ you begin to get depressed.

The first time I had visited this guy was to find out why I was feeling hip pain. He told me that I needed a hip arthroscopy and he’d treat my condition easily. I underwent that procedure and at that time, everything was normal. I was glad about his service and I thought he was a professional and reliable doctor. I realized that it was only a misconception quite later. And when I realized the truth, I guess it was too late. After a few weeks, I experienced some hip pain and I had to see him again. He did another hip arthroscopy and I got temporary relief. But the problem became serious again after a few months. the discomfort hadn’t completely gone so I was already worried that I might have a permanent problem in my hip. I went to see Dr. Sink again and this guy made me undergo the hip arthroscopy a third time! That seemed too much to me. I began to realize that he was abusing my body and using it as an ATM machine. He didn’t want to treat me. He wanted me to remain sick so that he can get as much money as he can. That’s so depraved and ill-minded that I can’t even fathom the level of selfish he has. It’s clear to me that he lacks any sense of humanity and he is too selfish to think of anyone else’s betterment. I also realized that he is a criminal and he should be thrown into jail. I have started seeing another orthopedic and now I’m getting the treatment I needed.

He did the last hip arthroscopy 2 months ago. And I’ve lately found out that I need a hip replacement surgery. I just wish that I had found out about this guy’s reality beforehand. Then I wouldn’t have faced such horrible malpractice. Save yourself from this monster and stay away from him. I know he isn’t right for anyone.

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