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The Malpractice of Dr. Evan that destroyed my brothers life

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Published: 09 November 2018

Posted by: daniel

I’m today compelled to write down the review for Dr. Evan D. Cole, a renowned Allergy/Immunologist practicing in Muskogee, Oklahoma for more than 27 years now. Being a trusted and dedicated patient for more than 15 years, my brother finally gave up on him. He actually guinea pig tested on my brother with innumerable medicines. And today, he is an old man, left with a broken heart and penniless because of the malpractice of Dr Evan. The doctor overdosed him with so many “unwanted” medicines for so many years that my brother’s body couldn’t even respond to the new medication and we have lost almost all hopes to cure him now.

My Alert- rest on your decision

If you’re looking forward to visiting Dr. Evan D. Cole, then think twice before fixing an appointment with this doctor in Oklahoma. Though he has successfully established a 27-old career as a physician with lots of positive reviews and 5 Stars, but I wonder how many of them are actually whitewashed by this incompetent doctor. Right, ‘incompetent’ is the exact term to clarify his specialty. Like me, I think there are many other people who will come up with serious allegations against this man. He has literally and actually destroyed by brother’s life by experimenting several drugs on him.

You might be infected with some allergy and looking around for a good specialist doctor who is an immunologist, but if the search engines suggest you to visit Dr. Evan D. Cole, then you should think twice if you’re not ready to be experimented like a lab-rat and destroy your life.

Here’s what exactly happened with by brother—
Since 1995, Dr. Evan D. Cole started treating my brother and from the very beginning he started prescribing him a series of meds. By brother informed him about the roller-coaster BP but the doctor hardly paid a heed and didn’t even bother to inform that over medication might damage the liver and the kidneys. My brother completely trusted him and continued visiting him.

In August 2003, my brother was admitted to the hospital with severe cardiac problems. He was told that he was admitted with breathing issues which he didn’t inform in the hospital. But he was again severely drugged with a series of medicines that includes 800 mg potassium, thrice daily and IBU or 800mg thrice daily along with different BP medicines.

My brother had arthritis problems since the early 90’s for which he was suggested to consume a series of anti-inflammatory medicines including Prednisone that helped him to fight the agonizing pain. Dr. Evan D. Cole again changed the prescription and after 2 weeks, he prescribed him Celebrex which led him to suffer from severe nose-bleeding. When my brother revisited Dr. Evan D. Cole, he suggested him to go for nose cauterized which he explained to be similar to a patch inside his nose.

As time passes by, my brother’s arthritis took a severe turn and it almost became impossible for him to bear with the pain. In March 2004, he again visited Cole and asked him whether he could take Vioxx to reduce the extreme hips and knee pain he was experiencing. But he was not having a ‘feel-good’ thing and was somewhat feeling jittery soon after taking it for the 10 days.
After a while, things actually became worst and he suffered a severe stroke. He recovered from the trauma by the next year but it all happened because of the over medication of the past 10 years. It was found by the legal nurses.

From that time onwards, he tried to file a lawsuit against Dr. Evan D. Cole, but because of the terrible handwriting, it became next to impossible to reveal what’s written on the medical history and because of financial reasons, my brother took a step backward and left the scenario.
Now, my brother is completely a broken man left in his apartment with so such financial aid as he has spent all his savings on his treatment. But who is going to take the responsibility? Is the doctor is going to take the liability of what severe damage he has done to one of his dedicated patients in all these years. My brother has now settled for Social Disability since 2006. Is there any answer that Dr. Evan D. Cole could give?

Beware of the Dr. Evan D. Cole who is a cheat and a mean person ready to destroy the lives of the patients who trust him and visit him for cure. Why on earth anyone should visit such a monster with the hope of curing from him?

Let me aware you from visiting Dr. Evan D. Cole who is a scammer with a fake education and with zero knowledge about curing his patients. Consulting him is equivalent to welcoming destruction!

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