Dr. Evelyn B. Williams Varnado

She is running an extremely rude and unpleasant practice!

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Published: 23 June 2019

Posted by: Ruby

She will not listen to me at all. I was trying to tell her my medical history but she literally told me that I am a little too dumb to understand the “medical concepts” and then laughed at my face. I tried my best to explain to her the problem but she started giving me a lecture on how she is one of the best gynaecologists in the states and I’m nothing but a mere patient. I had to sit through fifteen minutes of her bullshit, it was dreadful. She told me to go to the exam room so she can “get it over with”. I don’t know why, but she seemed to hate me and I did not even say anything to her. Then I had to take off my pants in front of the nurse which was quite uncomfortable for me. The whole exam procedure was quite painful and I haven’t experienced such discomfort and rude behaviour at any other clinic. Dr Evelyn becomes deaf whenever you will try to tell her to go easy, she is extremely rude. She accidentally overheated the Speculum (the tool that opens up the walls of the vagina for check-up) and it burnt the walls of my vagina! I clearly remember the burning sensation I felt a second after she set up the tool, it was one of the most painful pain ever. I immediately screamed and told her to remove it but Dr Williams took a couple of seconds before she took any action. I went to her clinic on my anniversary and I was not able to have sex because Dr Williams burned my fucking vagina. I couldn’t stand up without feeling the burning sensation. My husband bought a dozen roses for me when I reached home, he had already lit aromatic essential oil candles and when I told him what happened at the clinic, his mood was totally ruined.

I don’t understand how a doctor can be so irresponsible and careless. Dr William’s facility is the one that every woman should avoid. I can’t think of a single benefit of going to this hell hole. I have started going to a different gynaecologist now. This was my first and last time going to Dr Williams’s clinic. This incident happened to me in January and I’m 100% sure that Dr Williams has not improved in this time. My friend went to her clinic a couple of weeks ago due to an emergency and her experience was just horrible as well. I don’t know how people are still going to her clinic, the service is just unimaginably bad. If you are planning to go to her clinic, then please make a better decision. Choosing a gynaecologist is a tedious task that should be made after doing thorough research. I hope that you don’t have to go through what I did. Thank you!

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