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Published: 09 December 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

BEWARE of Doctor Faye Snyder. Doctor Faye Snyder is the founder and owner of the P.A.R.C. Foundation in Granada Hills, California. Doctor Faye Snyder is a SCAM doctor and self-professed “Expert” on “parenting for Greatness.” This woman is actually a diagnoses malignant sociopath. She was diagnosed several years ago by a very reputable doctor who insisted that she, Doctor Faye Snyder is an egomaniac and a most dishonest, low-down schemer. For another doctor to say these things, which are facts, about another doctor is to say a lot. I have personally experienced the rage issues and egotistical retaliation of this doctor, Fay Snyder. She is everyone’s worst enemy in disguise. If you dare to have an opinion that differs from hers, she will swiftly do great damage and harm to you in the form of slander and other lies. No, she cannot prove her lies, but she does not care. She only cares about having a cult of mindless followers and destroying the intelligent people who see through her ego and harmful approach to parenting and other harmful tactics. Her courses and classes at the PARC Foundation are strictly for high profit and, despite her websites that claim to want to “help,” neither her nor her staff, namely Doctor Mary Jane Julius (another scam artist and profiteer con) are willing to help in any way. They only thing that Doctor Faye Snyder and Doctor Mary Jane Julius are willing to help is to help themselves to the money of their clients by urging them that they “REALLY NEED the services of the PARC Foundation or else (their) future and the future of (their) children are doomed. According to Doctor Faye Snyder, a QUACK and a consciensless sociopath, everyone should agree with her “Casual Approach” to parenting. She illustrates this, during the parenting classes, by having her mindless fellow-quacks (whomever is conducting the class on that date) play her personal home movies in which her son, Scott, as baby, was allowed, by Faye Snyder, the psycho, to PLAY WITH A BROKEN LIGHT BULB and be injured and bleed to the point of needing stitches. Today, her son Scott is a working actor on a daytime soap opera, but he has also been charged with several counts of driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, involuntary manslaughter for AGAIN hitting and killing a car with one adult and three children, while driving drunk, and inappropriate relations with minor children (boys) under the age of 9. And if any person in the class dares to express concern or a differing opinion, as I did, her get-back id swift and harsher and traumatizing. Doctor Faye Snyder is a major liar and a phony. And being a diagnoses narcissistic malignant sociopath, she will never change. Additionally, she is rigid, self-righteous and only cares about gaining the mindless followers and admirers who do not know any better and are easily led astray. With such a horrible approach to parenting and, more importantly, such a horrible attitude and state of mind, how can anyone possibly chose to enroll in and pay for her Parenting Courses or so-called “therapy” at her PARC Foundation, when the end result is more harm to onesself and/or one’s spouse, children, and family and future? This is really the most unstable and damaging environment to seek “counseling, ” “recovery,” “parenting skills” or any tyoe of “healing” or “therapy” for any reason. There are so very many other reputable and beneficial doctors, clinics, offices, and places to obtain these services and get great results. Beware and avoid Doctor Faye Snyder, Doctor Mary Jane Julius and the PARC Foundation.

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