Dr. Fermin J. Santos, MD

A money hungry monster!

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Published: 15 July 2019

Posted by: Hazel

He made me go through an unnecessary surgical procedure, which developed a number of complications and I had to get them treated. Why did he make me go through an unnecessary procedure? He did that so his clinic will get more money. He doesn’t care about the patients. No, he only cares about the money and he doesn’t hesitate in lying for it. Your doctor should be someone you can trust. But that’s not the case with Dr. Santos. You can’t trust him. I made the mistake of trusting him and look where it got me. I have spent thousands of dollars to get rid of that surgery’s complications.

I had visited this guy’s clinic to get my back pain checked. First I had to go through a number of tests. I wasn’t bothered by those tests. After I went through all the tests possible, Dr. Santos told me that I had to undergo spinal fusion surgery. According to him, it was the only option which could treat my back pain. I couldn’t believe him. I was certain that there were multiple treatment options apart from surgery. I hate surgeries. I didn’t think my back pain was caused by something that serious. But he didn’t budge. He kept telling me that I needed to get the surgery done in order to get rid of my back pain. Now I know that I had options. I know that spinal fusion surgery should have been my last resort. It shouldn’t have been my first choice. I should’ve undergone physical therapy. But I guess that doesn’t earn his clinic as much as a botched surgery does. His botched surgery put my life at risk and I could have lost a lot of things because of the negligence of this idiot. I’m telling you, don’t trust Dr. Santos. I trusted his diagnosis and agreed to the surgical procedure. They did the spinal fusion surgery on me and I had to spend some days in recovering from it. But I wasn’t recovering from it properly. I was in constant pain and it seemed to me that there was no end to my back pain at all. I was having constant pain and I complained about it with Dr. Santos. That guy told me that my back pain was nothing more than my uneasiness. He didn’t believe me. Anyway, I ended up undergoing a number of tests again, because of that back pain and those tests revealed that I had an infection developing in there. Note that I didn’t find out about the infection at Dr. Santos’s clinic. I found out about this at someplace else. That’ because Dr. Santos wouldn’t believe me for even a second. He thought I was being paranoid. Now I’ve recovered fully from that simple back pain. Dr. Santos did a number of wrong things with my case. He didn’t tell me what my treatment options were and he didn’t trust me. Avoid that guy to save yourself.

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