Dr. Finley's Family Eyecare

They are scoundrels who have no care for their patients!

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Published: 31 May 2019

Posted by: Fred

Dr. Finley’s Family Eyecare is a sham. They are fraudsters who steal from their patients and lie to them all the time. They are unethical, depraved and clearly degenerate. My experience with those people was horrible. Those people stole $350 from me. They lied to me at first that my expenses were covered by my insurance plan. After the procedure, they sent me an invoice of $350, saying that my insurance didn’t cover the expenses and I’ll have to pay for them through cash or cards.

They lied to me!! If I had known that my expenses weren’t covered by my insurance plan, I would’ve waited. I’m not in a good financial situation at the moment. I wasn’t able to afford $350 at that time too. But they didn’t budge. They lied to me and then threatened me that they’ll take this matter into collections. I had to borrow money from friends to pay off these people.

I had visited this place to get an eye exam. I was having trouble distant objects clearly so it made sense to visit an optometrist. I had checked their website before and they seemed credible people. I didn’t know that they were scammers who only care about stealing money from the customers. I checked their website and I didn’t find out any information about the insurance plans they accept. When I visited their clinic, I asked about the insurance plans they accept. They had made me wait there for half an hour just so they can check my insurance plan and confirm the details. Now I’m quite sure that they were all pretending to do all that. Not only Dr. Finley but the staff has an equal role to play in these scams. They had checked my insurance and told me that they accepted my plan and I didn’t need to worry about the payments. I was happy. I got my eye exam and received the glasses with the lenses and the frames too. When I went to the billing counter, I was handed an invoice which stated that I had to pay them $350 through cash or card. I told the cashier that I had paid through insurance but she told me that they don’t accept my plan. I felt cheated and that’s because I was. I didn’t know those people will pull such a heinous stunt. I was mad at them and I asked the cashier again because they had just told me that my plan was accepted. She told me no again and said that I’ll have to pay them right away otherwise they’ll send the matter to collections. I had to wait there for 2 hours as a hostage of some sort. My friend came and made the payment on my behalf. I didn’t have that kind of money on myself at the time. But I’m sure that I won’t be going back to that place in the future. I don’t think you should too.

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