Dr. Frank Bowden

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Dr. Frank Bowden has to pay a fine of $3,400

Dr. Frank Bowden III is accused of carrying out surgery on the wrong eye of a patient. It was found that he has a separate lawsuit still pending after he performed surgeries without proper consent, in the case of a different patient.
As part of the settlement he entered into with the Florida Department of Health on Feb 16, he did not admit to any wrongdoing on his part. He will, however, pay a fine of about $3,400. He will also have to take part in continuing medical education.
According to records, Bowden was supposed to perform surgery on the patient’s left eye at the Orange Park Surgery Center in 2014. It included the placement of a tube shunt, severing of conjunctival scar adhesions and scleral reinforcement grafting. He started to perform the surgery on the patient’s left eye before he realized his mistake and stopped.
He performed several unwarranted surgeries on a patient in 2007 and 2008. The patient in this case was legally blind and was referred by THE Florida Division of Blind Services.
The DOH only considers final judgments and not pending lawsuits, when pursuing disciplinary actions. And such actions are not taken before the case is proven in court.

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