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WORST doctor ever

This horrible doctor made my friend depressed and suicidal

There are good doctors and poor doctors. Some, however, deserve the tag of worst ever. Something similar happened to my close one who went for plastic surgery at Dr. Gabriel Chiu’s clinic in Beverly Hills. The poor dear was in huge pain due to the doctor’s negligence and unethical practices. Due to his poor medical performance and the subsequent medical impact on my friend, she had to be urgently taken to the emergency room post panic attacks. She turned suicidal and depressed from being a perfectly healthy and happy individual previously.

My friend has already stopped working and even going out ever since this incident. I’ve learnt that the school ratings and other educational qualifications of this doctor are questionable which explains his sheer incompetence. I wish he has a conscience that pricks him for what he has done to my friend. I’m sure this guy will pay for his mistakes. He may have a swanky Beverly Hills office and thousands of dollars but there will be more people slowly coming out with their horror stories of what he did to them.


  1. anonymous January 15, 2019
  2. Scott April 28, 2019
  3. Dane July 3, 2019

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