Dr Garth Fisher

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An arrogant and egotistical doctor!

He doesn’t perform any procedures himself and lets newbie doctors perform the procedures on the patients. I had visited his clinic to get breast augmentation surgery. That BASTARD RUINED MY BREASTS. The surgery left a few scars on my breasts and they are totally misaligned now. They are nothing like what was promised to me. I paid $16,000 for the surgery to this criminal! When I complained about the terrible surgery to Dr. Fisher, he just said that I got what I asked for. And according to him, if I wanted to get any modifications done, then I’ll need to get another surgery done by him. He also told me that I should go back and rest. The scars were supposed to go away with time. I don’t know why I trusted that monster. The scars are still visible after 6 months of the surgery. He doesn’t care about his patients. He is just running an overrated and falsely advertised clinic that is heavily overpriced. Those were the worst $16,000 I have ever spent!!

The service at Fisher’s clinic is terrible and not because of the staff but because of Fisher himself! That guy treats his patients like crap. He had told me that my boobs look like ‘two bags of trash’. Clearly, there is something serious with this guy. He is too full of himself. I didn’t know how to react to that. All the while he tried making me feel as if I should have been grateful to him for treating me. He kept saying how terrible my breasts looked and how he can make them look pleasant to look at. This place is way overpriced too. Just for the consultation, that guy charged me $600. The meeting didn’t last for longer too. He just rambled on about how experienced he is and then he started his venomous talk about my body. He also suggested me to get a facelift because to him, my smile looked like that of an ‘ogre’. He is a terrible person who has no sense of humanity or decency. All he cares about his pockets, his ego, and his reputation. He is just an ill-minded and mentally depraved monster who shouldn’t even be running such a clinic. He handed my case to an amateur and inexperienced surgeon. That was the first red flag for me. How did I find out? Well, he told me himself that my surgery by one of his subordinates. I had raised this issue with him at that time but he had assured me that nothing will go wrong. Now, after his retarded subordinated has f*cked up my surgery, I’ll have to get another cosmetic procedure done to get rid of the scars and the mess up. Dr. Fisher and his subordinates completely ruined my breasts. It cost me a fortune to get that surgery done and I’ve just found out that It’ll cost me a lot to get my breasts properly treated again. I don’t recommend Dr. Fisher to anyone.

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