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Dr Harris Meyer DC is a complete moron

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Published: 22 March 2019

Posted by: Jacob

He would have been a great chiropractor only if he took his job seriously and had any knowledge about it. When I visited Dr Meyer, he was not able to focus on any of the patients and instead he was often lost in thoughts. He does not have the ability to focus on one thing at a time and always do his job halfheartedly. And to make things worse, he charges A LOT of money for this kind of low-quality performance.

He is going to scare you by lying to you about the severity of the problem that you might have so that you pay him whatever amount of money he charges you. I found Dr Harris Meyer at the Embarcadero Center and I know that it is not the best place to find a chiropractor but I decided to visit him anyway. I had a stubborn neck pain which was bothering me for a week, I was not able to do exercises for long periods of time and it was quite frustrating for me. I told him about my problem and he said that he can get rid of the problem in no time.

He did a couple of x-rays and did dozens of exams. He examined my x-ray report and looked at my insurance (which by the way is quite good). After seeing my insurance he must have realized that he can make a lot of money from me. I have a total of 2 insurances both of which offer great coverage.
After he reviewed my x-rays he told me that my neck does not have the “natural curve” and it is going to become a really serious problem in the coming years. He said that I should see him 4 times every week for 3 months, two times a week for 6 months and then visit him once every week for another 6 months.
He said that if I drop the treatment midway, it is going to be totally ineffective and it will just waste his time and mine. I have a busy lifestyle and thus I asked him if there is any possibility that I might heal before the treatment is completed. When I asked him this question he got angry and said, “It is just not possible, you will have to go through the whole damn treatment!”

This was a little too fishy for me to consider true, so I contacted Dr Harris’s office and told him that I don’t want to go through the whole procedure. They said that I should visit the office as Dr Harris wants to meet me. When I went to the office the next day, Dr Meyers told me that I am making a very big mistake and my neck problem is going to ruin my life and then he told me to “get out” of his office.

He was clearly infuriated by the fact that I didn’t fall into his trap. I would advise everyone to stay away from this arrogant bastard. Dr Meyers is just going to WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY.

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